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All colleges want their staff and students to arrive in a great state of mind where they’re concentrating and ready to learn. The last thing administrators will want is staff and students who are preoccupied with the safety of their possessions on campus. Cars are likely to be the most expensive item that staff or students regularly bring with them onto campus. Here’s how you can make use of an industrial aluminum fence to ensure that all cars on campus stay safe and secure throughout the day.

Why an Industrial Fence?

An industrial aluminum fence will be a great asset to help ensure the safety of all possessions brought on campus. An industrial fence is a good choice because these fences come in sizes of up to ten feet high, meaning they’ll be difficult for even the most determined robbers to climb over.

What Material Should an Industrial Fence Be Made Of?

Aluminum is the ideal metal of choice for heavy-duty fences that are being used to keep lots of expensive items safe. This is because aluminum is a heavy-duty metal that is not easily damaged by bad weather conditions. It won’t rot away as quickly as wood, and it’s difficult for any potential intruders to dig their way underneath.

The other benefit of aluminum is that it’s a very long-lasting material. This means that you won’t have to dedicate lots of time to re-painting and replacing sections of your campus fence. This will save you time and money and will make sure that your staff and students can always look forward to studying in an inviting, beautiful environment.

How to Make an Aluminum Fence Fit in on Any Campus

Whether your campus houses a collection of old, Victorian buildings or is a large, modern site, there are many ways through which you can make an aluminum fence blend in with its surroundings. One of aluminum’s big advantages is that it is very easy to paint. You might want to leave your fence as its natural shade of gray, or you might consider painting it in your school’s colors to add an extra touch of brightness.

Isn’t Installing a Fence on Campus a Big Project?

We agree! Installing an industrial aluminum fence on a large campus is a big project. However, our expert fence installation teams can easily install your fence for you, cutting any panels to size on-site as needed. If you have any further questions about how industrial aluminum fences are installed, why not check out our handy Knowledge Base?

Aren’t Industrial Fences Just for Industry?

Absolutely not! Industrial fences are great to use in any situation where you need to make sure that lots of people’s valuable possessions stay safe for extended periods of time. This makes them the ideal fence of choice for use on college campuses. Having an industrial aluminum fence surrounding your campus means that your staff and students will be able to concentrate on their studies without having to worry about whether their cars and other valuables are being kept safe.

How Else Can Fences Help Keep Campuses Safe?

Installing good-quality industrial aluminum fencing on campus can also help to safeguard the privacy of your students and staff. You can install privacy panels at the bottom of your fence to stop any unwanted observers from looking in at what’s happening on campus. This can be a particularly useful feature for college campuses based in urban areas or areas that experience heavy passing footfall.