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Grand and sophisticated, aluminum gates finish off your property, creating a home that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Commercial Arched Double Gate - Classic Spear Top

There is a vast range of driveway aluminum gates on the market today, and this includes both full privacy and partial privacy options. Enjoy privacy and protect your home with quality gates that are available in both traditional and contemporary styles, automated or non-automated.

What Can I Expect From my Aluminum Gates?

Aluminum gates, when added to a home, can recreate the popular styles shown in traditional wooden gates, but they benefit from increased longevity and low maintenance. Your new aluminum gates will not absorb any rainfall, which tends to be one of the main causes of wooden gates degrading and becoming worn and tired. They are very low-maintenance for property owners who lead busy lifestyles. Once installed, simply wash them carefully with soapy water and rinse using a bucket of water or a hose. They are resistant to corrosion, too. Aluminum oxide has a rust-resistant shield, which appeals to homeowners who want to ensure their property is visually appealing. Aluminum is also the ideal element for gates because it is strong, stable and lighter than other materials associated with driveway aluminum gates. Aluminum is renowned for being very lightweight, which means the gates are easy to install and operate.

Large Industrial Estate Gate - Alaska

Contemporary and Suitable for All Styles of Homes

The gates are elegant, thoroughly contemporary in appearance, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and for these reasons, homeowners believe they are the perfect solution for your property. The intricate and sophisticated designs offer a contemporary twist to the original and traditional styles, making them ideal for all properties, whether you live in a townhouse or you have sprawling land around an estate home. Installation is easy and hassle-free as well. They are also cost-effective, and spending a little more now can guarantee a happy future. You won’t need to compromise on quality, and you will enjoy many years of freedom from the constant upkeep and repairs that other homeowners face.

You Can Also Add Value to Your Property with Gates

You may opt for gates if you live in a townhouse or in a dream countryside property. For the discerning homeowner who likes something a little different from a mainstream design, there are plenty of more elaborate choices available. The gates can open and close automatically, and you can also watch the value of your property rise by a small percentage. This is excellent news for homeowners who not only enjoy smartening up their curb appeal but also those on the move. If you choose to sell your home, it’s a great way of upgrading and ensuring your property is more eye-catching than a rival’s. Adding value like this can increase your asking price, so erecting new driveway gates is beneficial to achieve a property that will impress viewers. The exterior will certainly look sophisticated, and coupled with other upgrades, you may just seal the deal you are hoping for. Viewings and open houses will also prove popular if you have elegant gates fitted, and a potential buyer may just even be influenced by this small but significant addition. They will appreciate the guarantee of many years of minimal upkeep.