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Many people shy away from do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, preferring to let the professionals handle the stress, but it is possible with forward planning.

Commercial Arched Double Gate - Classic Spear Top

A smart and sophisticated fence can certainly enhance any property, and if you have moved into your dream home and want to create extra curb appeal, consider erecting a fence for added aesthetic impact. A fence not only acts to keep out intruders, but it also offers style and elegance. Stay true to your new neighborhood and create a fence that is chic and attractive, allowing your home to blend in.

What Is the First Step in the DIY Fence Process?

If you have children or pets or if you would prefer a degree of privacy from the neighbors, erecting a DIY fence is a great way to save money. Before embarking on the project, call the utility company and they will visit your home to mark out the lines before you begin digging. It’s essential not to strike a utility line as the company could possibly fine you for the damage caused. A fence doesn’t have to be just functional and serve a basic purpose; it can also be an aesthetic part of your landscaped grounds.

Plan Your Fence Well in Advance to Avoid Last-Minute Errors

Planning is crucial, and the best way to purchase the correct amount of fencing is to measure the perimeter you require fenced off, and then use our fence planner. The easiest way is to use string to measure the length. Make sure the string is taught to give you a more accurate result. Obtaining accurate measurements means that you won’t overspend on material.

Safety First When Using Power Tools

Ensure you are familiar with any tools you will be using, especially electrical items, which can pose more of a hazard. Before starting, check that your tools are clean and in good order and that you have everything you need to complete the work. Unplug your power tools when not in use, and this applies to when you are taking a break from the work, too. Unplug if you need to clean them or make adjustments as you go along. This is a simple yet effective safety measure that can prevent serious injuries. Don’t try to use the power tools in the dark. Begin the work early in the day and check for any inclement weather heading in your direction. If light is fading, make sure you remain in a well-lit and dry area to prevent the risk of electric shocks or injuries due to insufficient lighting.

Can I Install a DIY Pool Fence?

A pool may add value to a home and will be put to good use in the summer. Of course, a pool should always have a secure surround to keep children and pets safe. Safety is foremost when it comes to building a fence that surrounds the pool area. Fence height requirements differ from state to state, and there are strict rules in force. Before opting for a pool fence and purchasing the materials, it is best to get in touch with the local homeowners’ association, and do check out any building codes to make sure you are keeping in line with any laws. A costly mistake can make an unwelcome dent in your finances.