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Smart and sophisticated, black is the new gray as more homeowners turn to this delightful hue to give their property curb appeal.

Black Aluminum Fence - Flat Top Standard Bottom Rail

Security, privacy, and a slick appearance are some of the main reasons that homeowners have for erecting a black aluminum fence around their property. A stunning color that is bold and elegant, a black surround will give your home the vital security it needs, day and night, while also offering a sophisticated aesthetic.

The benefits don’t stop there as the fence is entirely customizable with heights and widths being entirely adaptable, and its low maintenance is good news for the busy homeowner. This is a chic, durable and cost-effective solution for your home. With added finials, the choice of style is endless, and decorative options give the fence a little bit extra, allowing it to stand out in the neighborhood. The family home will be complete with a stunning fence, and more and more homeowners are opting for the perfect marriage of style and security.

Need Privacy in Your Backyard?

A fence is different from a wall because it does not have a solid foundation along its entire length. However, it still offers maximum privacy, and if you are barbecuing or having friends around, you will want to provide your guests with comfortable surroundings where they can enjoy themselves and not have to worry about neighbors or passers-by being too intrusive. If your yard has a swimming pool, privacy is even more vital for the family. The whole package is a very practical and good economic solution, and it is a very durable and fashion-conscious choice for property owners looking to define their yard without blocking out the view entirely.

Will an Aluminum Fence Suit My Home?

An aluminum fencing solution can be versatile. They are designed to suit pool areas and yards, and they can match any slope of terrain as well as any architectural style. A high-quality black aluminum fence can be erected just about anywhere as it will blend in with both modern and classical homes as well as apartment complexes. The joy of black is that it can be teamed with just about any color or design.

Can I Erect a Fence on Sloped Land?

The fence is designed to conform to the terrain of your yard regardless of gradient. These fences can be installed with minimal effort, and even if the slope is irregular, the aluminum fence will appear professional, crisp and clean. The fencing is fully rackable and can easily adjust to the slope of the property without any unsightly gaps. Top-quality aluminum fencing will accommodate steep gradients.

Hills and slopes

Fencing Is Created to Last

With minimal upkeep, aluminum fences are created to last. Other materials can become worn and tired, and some will fade and require eventual repair, but aluminum fencing will withstand even the harshest of winter weather.

A Strong and Sturdy Fencing Material Solution

Because it is one of the sturdiest fencing materials on the market today, all that’s required is simple upkeep. With weather-resistant properties, there will be no peeling or warping. From hot summers to cold winters and windy spells, you are promised durability and longevity. Iron or steel can rust and corrode over time, but the aluminum fence will resist severe weather. Simply wipe the fencing with a dry cloth to ensure it stays in good condition and maintains its longevity.