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Enjoy swimming and family time in your yard with an exquisite aluminum pool fence that ensures safety and security and creates chic curb appeal.

Many couples and families have the option all year round of enjoying pool activities in their yard thanks to the good weather. Some states enjoy sunshine from January to December, while others benefit from good springs and extended autumns. Regardless of your weather, a good pool fence is a smart investment when it comes to property, and more and more people are choosing to improve rather than move or upgrade to a new home. One of the methods for enhancing a home is building a new aluminum pool fence. Exquisite and sophisticated, the fence offers great privacy and aesthetic qualities that some homes often lack. Functionality, elegance, and little to no maintenance are some of the key benefits that appeal to homeowners.

Residential Single Gate - 2-Rail Flat Top + Sunburst Arch

What Laws Do I Need to Be Aware Of?

BOCA, or the Building Officials and Code Administrators International Inc., sets the minimum requirements in construction, and this applies to private residential and public swimming pools. Laws will differ from state to state, and you will need to check local laws to ensure the minimum safety requirements are met so that the family is adequately and lawfully safeguarded. The health and safety of users is paramount, and it’s essential that all fencing adheres to any laws. The BOCA Code pool fence laws are different throughout the United States, so it is best to contact your local homeowners’ association as well as your insurance provider before embarking on an extensive pool project on the grounds of your property. Any mistakes could be costly and time-consuming.

What Guidelines Should I Expect to Adhere To?

The most common BOCA requirement for aluminum pool fencing stipulates that the structure that includes the fence and the gate is a minimum of 48 inches tall. Other requirements include the gates swinging open and away from the pool. Thoroughly research the laws and ask friends and family who have had pool fencing installed to assist with any questions.

The Health and Safety of Children and Pets Is a Priority for Families

If you have a home with a pool, keeping children and pets safe should be a priority. Thanks to the guidelines laid out by BOCA, kids can remain safer and more secure in their yards and parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing the pool is out of bounds when the kids are not being supervised. A sturdy fence with one or more locking gates provides vital protection. Far too many fatalities occur in the United States each year as a result of drowning in the home, and this one step can provide sound protection.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Home and Grounds

An aluminum pool fence is a cost-effective and life-saving solution that only requires cosmetic care; no maintenance is required. For the many homes built on uneven land, this fencing can easily be racked on slopes. This is one of the other major advantages of aluminum pool fencing. Whether your home is built on a minimal gradient or steeper land, the fencing can be personalized to suit your needs. Even if you require some professional help to install the fencing, don’t let that deter you from adhering to essential safety requirements. Furthermore, your home’s exterior will look sophisticated in the neighborhood thanks to the many decorative options available.