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All businesses, whether small or large, need to take steps to make sure their premises are safe and secure. Falling victim to a crime such as burglary, theft or vandalism can be costly, causing unwanted and annoying disruption. But there are some steps businesses can take to make sure their security is the best it can be. While some may require a cash outlay at first, they will end up paying dividends in the future. Here are some simple steps businesses can take to bolster their security.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment

When looking to secure your business premises, you first need to carry out a thorough risk assessment to determine where you are most vulnerable. Assess all of the entrances and exits to your property and try to imagine how and where would-be thieves or vandals could gain access. Check if there are any sections of the property that need extra security or high-traffic areas that may be more exposed to passers-by.

Look for Ways to Deter Criminals

After carrying out a risk assessment, you need to decide what forms of security would benefit your business. An alarm system is considered a basic must-have for most businesses, but it is important to display signs warning that the building has an alarm to act as a deterrent. CCTV cameras, again with warning signs, can be an effective deterrent and can help provide evidence if the worst occurs and a crime is committed. Depending on the size of your premises or your budget, you may want to employ a security guard or overnight security guard to further enhance security. Seek advice from crime prevention agencies to see which of these measures could be most beneficial to you and your business premises.

Secure Your Premises by Installing an Aluminum Commercial Fence

An aluminum commercial fence is a great form of security for your commercial premises. Not only does it look great and create a good public image for your firm, but it also makes it harder to break into. Aluminum fences come in many different designs and can be a real deterrent for thieves. The parallel bars make it far more difficult to scale than a chain link fence, while details such as spear tops can be an extra deterrent. There is great flexibility when it comes to your choice of design so you can find one that works for your business. 

Various height options are available, including 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft sections. The higher your fence is, the harder it is for people to climb over. An aluminum fence can also help protect your business in other ways, such as by keeping certain areas or machinery fenced off or preventing certain animal visitors from entering the grounds. Furthermore, it is tough and durable, weather-proof and extremely low maintenance, requiring little upkeep. A commercial fence, which usually has larger pickets and a thicker metal than residential fencing, is sure to stand the test of time.

Secure Your Equipment or Stock

Stock and equipment, particularly in warehouses, can be very attractive to thieves. Make sure it is all regularly audited and that the most valuable items are tagged and their serial numbers are logged. Again, you could consider aluminum commercial fences near or around areas where stock is kept, or use aluminum driveway gates to help bolster security further where needed.