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Commercial fencing is typically reserved for businesses, industrial units and warehouses, as its name suggests. However, increasing numbers of people are opting for aluminum commercial fencing around their homes, too. Although an aluminum residential fence is a great addition to a home, there are several advantages that come with investing in a commercial fence in aluminum instead.

Extra Security

Businesses need their properties to be secure to help keep intruders out and prevent costly and annoying thefts and vandalism. The same is true for homes across America, especially in the face of rising crime rates. Commercial fencing is typically taller than residential fencing, and this affords you extra security, and ultimately, extra peace of mind. Commercial fencing in aluminum is difficult for intruders to scale but is also difficult to dig beneath. This gives homeowners an extra layer of protection in keeping their property safe.

Extra Privacy

A taller commercial fence can also mean a greater level of privacy for your home and family. Residential fences tend to come in heights up to 6 feet, while commercial fencing is generally between 7 and 9 feet. This added height can help keep prying eyes out and is especially helpful if your home is in a high-traffic area with lots of passers-by.

Durable and Sturdy

As with all aluminum fencing, commercial fencing is particularly sturdy, so it will be a solid long-term investment for your home. Unlike its wrought iron and wooden counterparts, commercial fencing in aluminum is not vulnerable to rust or corrosion. It is weatherproof and demands next to no maintenance; just washing it every so often will keep it looking great. It has all the appeal and aesthetics of wrought iron but without the time and energy of its upkeep. Many aluminum fences have a special powder coating, which creates a ceramic layer that keeps corrosion at bay.


Commercial fencing can help your home look neat and tidy, boosting its curb appeal. There is a fence design suitable for every property and families can choose a design to suit their needs, whether they want spear tops for even more security or a flat top. Scrolls, solar lights and other details can be added to customize your design and create the right aesthetic for your home. Specialist paint can also be used to paint your fencing in the same tones as your home, taking away the look of commercial fencing somewhat while retaining all the benefits.


Not only will fencing help to keep intruders out, but it will also help to keep animals from coming onto your property, potentially causing damage and threatening safety. Furthermore, fencing can help to keep young children and pets contained within the garden, giving homeowners greater peace of mind when youngsters are outside playing in the yard.

If you are looking to add a fence to your home, don’t rule out the commercial fencing in aluminum options. They can help to boost security and privacy at your home by providing that little extra bit of height, which could help to bring you some extra peace of mind. Whether you choose commercial or residential fencing, aluminum is always the best option thanks to its robust nature, its ease of maintenance and its aesthetically pleasing appearance.