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It is widely accepted that a smart fence around the perimeter of your home is a great way to boost security, add value and bring greater privacy. The same can be said of driveway gates, which help create a stunning entranceway to your home. Aluminum fence panels are hugely popular today thanks to their aesthetically pleasing look, durability, resistance to rust, and their lack of maintenance, but what they also offer is great design potential. For many of us, talk of fencing and gates conjures up images of straight lines – horizontal and vertical- and sharp edges, but with just a little imagination and design flair, this does not have to be the case.

Curves are a huge interior design trend for 2022, so why not take this interior trend out of the house and add it to your fence panels or gates? Interiors experts say using curved shapes, outlines and silhouettes around the home can add a feeling of comfort and a sense of being cocooned and soothed. These benefits can be brought to the outside of your home by incorporating curves into your fence designs, creating a welcoming feel to your home. Here are two easy ways to do it.

Add an Arch

Arches add interest and dimension to your fencing design, taking away from the vertical and horizontal straight lines and softening the overall look. Archways can help make your home look more welcoming and inviting. Moreover, archways have been a design trend since classical times, so adding one to your fencing, gates or driveway gates is sure to be a look that stands the test of time. 

Adding an arch to an aluminum fence panel or gate can also have a practical role, making the entrance to the land or property stand out from the rest of the fencing. A sunburst arch placed on a gate can also help to add a feeling of grandeur at the entrance to your home, setting the tone for what is to come inside. You can decorate the arched panels how you wish, allowing you to choose a design that reflects you, your family and your home. You can also emulate the arch of your gates or fencing in an aluminum arbor, tying the design of your outdoor space together.

Add Rings

Fence rings are another easy design element that can help soften the look of your fencing and make it stand out from the crowd. Adding circles to your aluminum fence panels or gateways can help to create a softer vibe, which is perhaps a more welcoming look for a residential property. Simple yet very effective, including ring details in your fencing is an easy way to add a serene and charming edge to your property. Use ring details well on fencing and gates, and you will help to create a more harmonious look to your outdoor space.

To really boost your home’s curve – and curb – appeal, double up on arches and fence rings. You can use fence rings as part of your archway design to really nail the trend for all things curved. Adding these details can help to soften the look of your fencing and gates, making your home appear more welcoming and adding visual interest and dimension.