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Psychologists believe it takes just a few seconds for human beings to form an impression of someone or something. As your safe haven and the place where you spend a lot of time, your home is an extension of you, so you want to make sure it creates a good impression. Sometimes we can neglect our home’s exterior, focusing instead on creating beautiful spaces indoors to relax and unwind. Here are five simple steps you can take to improve the look of your home, boosting its curb appeal and helping to create a winning first impression.

Residential Grade Estate Gate - Style 1 + Rings and finials

1. Revamp your front door

As the threshold to your home, your front door is a very important part of the first impression. Most visitors will need to pass through it to gain access to your home. Invest in a front door revamp, whether that means updating your existing door or installing a brand-new one. Try to choose a door that is sympathetic to the style of the house but says something about you at the same time. Choose a bold front door color if you want to catch the eye or a muted, neutral tone if you want to create a calm and peaceful look. Make sure that your revamped front door fits in with other home details, such as windowsills.

2. Add aluminum driveway gates

If your home has driveway gates, this is the very first thing that visitors will see, so you need to be sure they make a good impression. Aluminum driveway gates are lightweight yet strong and durable and require minimal upkeep thanks to their rust-resistant finish. Aluminum gates on your driveway offer many unique design options, too, including sunburst arches, rings, puppy pickets and U-frames. Aluminum gates are also available in a host of colors to perfectly complement your home, leaving it with a sophisticated overall look that is sure to impress. Moreover, aluminum gates on your driveway can help increase your home’s security, safety and privacy.

3. Landscape your garden

A beautifully landscaped garden is sure to turn the heads of passers-by. Greenery, plants, and shrubs will all bring a great first impression to your home, making it look inviting. Ensure your front and back yards are neat and tidy, and for extra pizazz, add some aluminum balustrades and pool fencing.

Single Gate - Style 8 - Spear Top Double Picket

4. Make your gate look great

Ensure your walk gates, swing gates, and side gates look smart and are in keeping with the rest of your home. Again, aluminum is a wonderful choice of material for gates as it requires little to no maintenance. Why not match your walk gates or swing gates to your driveway gates for a cohesive and harmonized aesthetic? All of the design features available in aluminum fence panels and driveway gates can be echoed in other gates, too.

5. See the light

We know that great lighting can make or break the spaces and rooms inside your home, but the same is also true outside of your home. Upgrade your home’s exterior lighting to help people see your home in the best possible light and secure a shining first impression.