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A swimming pool is an amazing feature of any property, but keeping it clean, tidy, and safe does require a certain amount of effort and maintenance. Here are five tasks you should do to get your pool ready for the summer months so you and your family can enjoy fun-filled days by the water’s edge. 

Regularly clean the pool of debris

Once the pool cover comes off, it’s important to make sure you regularly skim the surface of the water to remove any leaves, sticks or other debris that may have fallen into the water. Not only will this give your pool a cleaner and more welcoming vibe, but it will prevent debris from clogging up filters and affecting their efficiency. It is recommended during the summer season to clean your pool of debris at least every other day.

Clean the pool surround

The area around the pool needs to be just as inviting as the cool, blue water itself. Ensure floor tiles are cleaned and walls are neat and tidy. Make sure there is no debris lying around and that the area is well swept. Consider adding some pots with plants to add a splash of color, and make sure any furniture, such as sun loungers or deckchairs, are clean and ready for use.

Carry out some pool fence DIY

You may need to check over your pool fencing to ensure it is clean and smart for the busy season ahead. If you’re not a big fan of pool fence DIY, consider aluminum pool fencing. Not only does it provide a neat and sophisticated image for your pool area, but it is also strong, reliable and secure. Best of all, aluminum is not affected by water or weather conditions and does not rust or corrode. This means it requires little to no upkeep or maintenance, so it’s perfect for those who want to spend less time on pool fence DIY and more time enjoying themselves in the pool. All that is required is a cleaning every now and then with warm soapy water to keep your aluminum pool fence looking as good as the day it was installed. Also, an aluminum pool fence can be installed DIY, saving you the costs of installation and labor.

Don’t forget the ladder

Make sure you give your pool ladder a cleaning to remove any slippery mildew that could pose a safety concern. Removing stains and ground-on debris will not only boost safety but will also improve the overall aesthetic of your swimming pool.

Aluminum Pool Fence - Style 10 - 2 - Rail -Flat Top

Conduct a thorough safety check

Pool fencing is a legal requirement, although rules and regulations may differ from state to state. Regularly inspect your pool fencing to make sure it is in good condition and able to do its job. It is estimated that around 74% of drowning accidents occur at residential locations. Ensure your fencing is BOCA compliant and that all the necessary measurements and safety features are in place. A Magna Latch Top Pull is a popular choice to add to an aluminum pool gate to help keep children safe, giving you extra peace of mind.