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Most of us want to get along well with our neighbors and enjoy a sense of community, but having privacy within our own homes can be really important, too. Our home is a haven and a refuge from the outside world, and this feeling of safety and security can be further boosted by making sure your home enjoys a good level of privacy. 

However, not all homes are set up for good privacy. They may be situated close to a road or a neighboring property, or they might be positioned in an area of high footfall. Here are five things you can do to increase the level of privacy at your home.

Install blinds and curtains on your windows

Windows let in lots of lovely natural light but can make us feel exposed and “on display” when night falls. Boost privacy by investing in shades or blinds for your windows and doors. Opaque or non-transparent privacy blinds are usually the best option for reducing your visibility at home in the evening.

Build a fence

A fence is a fantastic way to reduce your home’s visibility to passers-by. Aluminum fences are an increasingly popular solution for those looking to reduce visibility from the road. Aluminum fences make an excellent choice because they are light yet durable, can be created in a huge array of patterns and designs, and require little to no upkeep. 

As a non-ferrous metal, aluminum does not rot or rust as other metals may. This means it is a durable option that will require minimal maintenance over the years. Most require little more than a wash down with a hose every so often. An aluminum fence also has the benefit of increasing security at your home. You can design and install it yourself, saving money on labor costs and allowing you to create the perfect fence to complement your home. 

Add frosting

If you are looking for a low-cost way to boost privacy, adding frosting to your windows or doors could be the solution. This will allow natural light to continue to flood into your home while preventing people from being able to look through your home. Frosting can be a cheaper alternative to privacy blinds or curtains and can be quickly and easily applied. 

Install driveway aluminum gates

Driveway aluminum gates are great for adding privacy to your home, as well as controlling who has access to it and when. Just like a fence, aluminum driveway gates reduce the visibility of your home from the road. Aluminum offers many design options, too, so an attractive driveway gate can help boost your home’s curb appeal. Aluminum driveway gates are a long-term solution to privacy issues as they can last for as long as 50 years. 

Aluminum Estate Gate with Rings and Mid Rail

Think chain link

On its own, chain link fencing does little to increase the privacy of your property, but when used in conjunction with existing fencing, chain link can help to bolster privacy levels as well as security. An aluminum fence with added chain link sheeting will help to reduce the visibility of your home from the road or sidewalk. Placed behind an attractive and stylish aluminum fence, it succeeds in bolstering privacy without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.