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The cost of aluminum fencing depends on several different factors. The size and design of the fence and whether it is made from residential, commercial, or industrial-grade metal will all influence the price tag. Generally, aluminum fencing is considered a cost-effective option for your home or business and is cheaper than other metals such as iron and steel. On average, the cost of aluminum fencing is anywhere between $27 and $55 per foot, but there are many reasons aluminum fencing is a fantastic investment that can save you money in the future. Here is a look at some of the ways you can save by investing in aluminum fencing.

Residential Style 7 - Flat Top Double Picket - GREATFENCE

Save money

No matter how an aluminum fence cost compares to other fencing materials such as wood, vinyl or wrought iron, one thing is for certain: aluminum fencing is designed to stand the test of time. Experts believe aluminum fences can last for as long as 30 years. This means you will not have to pay out to replace or repair your fence for many years to come. An investment in aluminum fencing is one that will surely pay for itself within a very short space of time. 

Save time

Aluminum fencing is extremely low maintenance, which means you will not have to spend hours repairing and repainting it. Aluminum is usually given a special powder-coated paint layer, which further increases its strength and durability. This layer means your aluminum fencing will not need to be repainted regularly and requires no varnishing or repainting like its wooden or wrought iron counterparts. Furthermore, aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, which means it is rust-resistant in addition to being capable of withstanding most weather and climates. All aluminum fencing needs is a wash with gentle dish soap and a hose at least twice a year.

Black Industrial Aluminum Fence with Designer Pressed Spears

Save on labor costs

You can install aluminum fencing yourself, saving potentially thousands of dollars on labor costs. Installing your own fence can be done in a matter of hours and simply requires careful planning and preparation beforehand. Make sure you plan carefully before the installation, reading all instruction manuals carefully. It can be done using just a few tools, most of which will already be in the average toolbox or can easily be found at a hardware store. 

Save the planet

Aluminum fencing brings big ecological benefits. The metal is 100% recyclable, and figures show that 75% of all aluminum that has ever been produced in the United States is still in use, while the industry is working hard to further boost its green credentials. Aluminum is also lightweight, so transporting it does not bring a huge carbon footprint. The lack of maintenance also means there is no need to use chemical treatments on it, which would have a negative impact on the environment. 

In addition to these savings, aluminum fencing can add value to your property by improving its security, privacy, and its curb appeal. Overall, whatever your potential new aluminum fence cost is, the many benefits it brings ensure that aluminum fencing is a great investment that will stand the test of time.