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Industrial fencing is usually reserved for commercial and business premises that require a different level of security. It is most often found surrounding businesses, factories, or industrial compounds, all of which are places where high values of stock or even potentially dangerous materials can be found. 

By its nature, industrial fencing is the toughest, strongest, and most secure option available. But a business is still a business and needs to look appealing to passersby and customers. How can you harness the security and protection of an industrial fence without losing any of the styles and aesthetic appeal a business needs?

Industrial Aluminum Fence - Style 1 - Classic Spear Top

Choose aluminum

Aluminum is a great choice of material for an industrial fence. Not only is it strong and great for boosting security, but it looks good, too. Aluminum fencing creates a look that is just as smart and sophisticated as wrought iron or steel. One of the key advantages of aluminum fencing – whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial grade – is that it stays looking good. 

Aluminum does not rust and is able to withstand the effects of bad weather. It is also given a special powder-coated paint finish, which helps to add strength and prevents scratching. An aluminum fence will stay looking good for decades to come, experts believe, and best of all, it requires minimal maintenance. An aluminum fence should need little more than a wash down every so often, ensuring it looks good for longer. It will not need to be repainted or repaired regularly.

Think about the style

It may be industrial aluminum fencing, but that does not mean that you have to sacrifice style. Aluminum fencing can be given so many extra details and decorative touches to make it look smart and sophisticated, and this is no different for an industrial aluminum fence. In fact, some of the style choices available not only look great but also help to boost security. 

You can choose a classic spear top design, an alternating spear top or spear top double pickets. All of these offer a great aesthetic but can also help to deter intruders who might otherwise attempt to climb over them. There are also flat top designs for a sleeker, more elegant look. Spear top options are a far more attractive alternative to the barbed wire that can often be seen atop industrial fences. You can also add decorative features such as sunburst arches to your gates to create a look that really complements your business and its identity.

Explore your color options

While black may be the first color that springs to mind when you think of aluminum fencing, there are other color options available that may be more suited to your business and can offer a “softer” look. For example, you may want to make a play on the traditional American image of the white picket fence by choosing a white aluminum industrial fence. Like black, this is a classic color that goes with everything. Alternatively, you could choose a more muted khaki green, which can often blend in more with its surroundings, or go with bronze for an elegant and sophisticated look.