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Driveway gates can add the perfect finishing touch to your home, making it look smart and sophisticated. These types of gates need to open and close regularly, and the lightweight yet strong nature of aluminum makes it an ideal choice of material. However, did you know that you can make your aluminum driveway gates automated? Simply by adding an operator rail to your commercial or industrial-grade aluminum driveway gates, you can open and close them at the touch of a button. As with installing aluminum driveway gates, it is even possible to install an operator rail yourself. 

Here are four reasons you might want to consider automizing your aluminum driveway gates.


Automated aluminum driveway gates are hugely convenient. You can open and close them at the touch of a button. This means never having to leave the warmth and comfort of your car when leaving the house – which is particularly welcome in colder weather – or leaving the house when visitors arrive. It removes the sometimes onerous task of manually opening and closing your gates each time you leave home.


One of the main reasons people choose to install driveway gates is to boost security at their homes. Automated gates give you more access over who can gain access to your property, giving you more control and increasing your peace of mind. This is particularly useful for families with young children or small animals. When teamed with other security measures such as alarms and CCTV, it can even help to reduce your insurance premiums.

Commercial Double Swing Driveway Gate Classic Spear Top with Sunburst Arch and U-FRAME


Driveway gates can boost your home’s value by up to 5%. Many homebuyers look for modern conveniences when choosing a new home, and automated gates fall into this category, making your home more attractive to buyers.


Driveway gates look great and give your home an advantage over other properties without gates. Automated gates bring an extra edge. The fact that you simply have to add an operator rail means you can still choose from any design of aluminum driveway gates for sale.


Privacy is another key reason for installing driveway gates, keeping a property shielded from prying eyes and passers-by. Automated driveway gates give you that privacy at the touch of a button.

Aluminum Driveway Gate - Style 1 - Classic Spear Top - with Sunburst Arch, Rings, Puppy Pickets and Finials

Why choose aluminum?

Driveway gates boost security and the aesthetics of a property, and aluminum is the ideal material choice. Aluminum is not impacted by moisture and weather conditions, so it does not rust or corrode in the same way as other metals do. It also has a special powder-coated paint finish that further strengthens it, meaning you should not have to repaint or renovate your gates. 

Aluminum driveway gates require little more than a quick cleaning every so often. Experts believe aluminum fencing can last for as long as 50 years, making them a great long-term investment for your home. There are also many different designs of aluminum driveway gates for sale, and you can customize them by adding decorative details such as arches, decorative scrolls, and puppy pickets.

Aluminum may be lightweight, but don’t confuse this with a lack of strength. Aluminum is strong and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. The fact that these gates do not rust means they will remain structurally strong and can proudly stand guard outside your home for decades to come.