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We all want our homes to look good. Many of us devote lots of hours – and dollars – to making a home that inspires us and reflects our personality. We plan every detail, peruse scores of color charts, spend hours trawling hardware stores and work hard to create a space where we feel happy and relaxed. However, it is important to realize that our home’s style begins from the very edge of our property perimeter. Don’t neglect your home’s fencing because it says a lot about your property – and you. 

Here are five ways to choose fencing that perfectly complements your home’s style.

Choose Aluminum

There are many benefits to choosing aluminum fencing: it provides good value for money and is long-lasting, strong, and low maintenance. But one of the key advantages of aluminum is the vast range of style choices available to you. With aluminum, you can achieve a look that is as smart and attractive as that of a wrought iron or steel fence with a much smaller price tag. When it comes to design, the possibilities with aluminum are endless, which means you are better able to create the fence that best suits your home.


Carefully Consider Colors

When we think of aluminum fencing, it is often a black fence that first springs to mind. However, the range of color options is much broader than that, and the one we choose can really impact the style it creates. For example, a white aluminum fence is quite a classic style suited to a more traditional home, while a black aluminum fence can create a sleek, modern, and sophisticated look. A khaki aluminum panel fence can conjure up a natural, rustic feel, while a bronze-colored fence can set more of a luxe vibe. The color you choose has an enormous impact on the style it creates, so take your time to explore your options.

On The Right Lines

The style of fencing you choose will have a big impact on the type of overall look it will create. If your home has a minimalist and contemporary style, a fence with lots of straight edges and clean lines will complement it well. If your home is more traditional, farmhouse or cozy, an aluminum panel fence design that incorporates sweeping arches, curves or circles could be the best choice. For fencing that really complements your home, try to mirror the lines and shapes found in your home’s design.

The Devil Is In The Detail

Detail is key when it comes to interior design, and the same is true when it comes to fence design. An aluminum panel fence offers plenty of design possibilities. There are so many extra details you can add to your fence design that will have an enormous impact on the overall style. For example, an ornate house with lots of period features may be best suited to fencing with plenty of additional flourishes, such as decorative scrolls or finials. A more classic-style home might be better suited to a classic fence design that uses fence rings or circles.

Make it yours

The most important advice when choosing aluminum fencing is to select fencing that makes you feel happy. Find your style and stick to it to create the home – and fencing – of your dreams.