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A term we use to describe the spacing that is between the bottom of your fence panel and/or gates….and the ground. Clearance is important for many reasons:

1. A lot of people will ask us how far their posts need to go into the ground for “in ground” applications. Well, that depends upon how much clearance you decide that you want for your fencing and gate system. Let’s say, for example, that you have a 48 inch high fencing and gate system that you are ordering. The recommended length of the posts you will need for this configuration is 70 inches. Therefore, if you have a 48 inch high fence/gate system and you decide on 2 inches of clearance (typical), then your posts will go into the ground approximately 20 inches. One of the many benefits of our fencing and gate system design is that we do not need to what clearance you want; you can decide this on-site after you have received your product shipment.

2. Clearance also comes into play when ordering Welded Plates for a surface mount application; that is, when you will be mounting posts on top of an existing surface (brick, composite, cement, wood) versus inserting and cementing them into the ground. Each post product page on this website includes our easy Post Chart with minimum recommendations.



If you’re surface mounting your POSTS, that will automatically leave you with 2 inches of clearance (i.e. space) from the bottom of the fence panel and the ground.  ANY STYLE.
If you’re cementing your posts into the ground, you can decide, on-site, how much clearance (i.e. space) you want from the bottom of the fence panel and the ground.  ANY STYLE.
GATES:  Gate Posts are not pre-drilled at the factory.  Therefore, you can install the gate anywhere on the gate post.  YOU get to decide the clearance (i.e. space) that’s between the bottom of your gate… and the ground.
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