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Here at GreatFence.com we love when people find a hidden passion for fences: aluminum fences, estate gates, swimming pool fences – you name it, we love it all! We especially love when artists, some of the most passionate people on earth see OUR passion (fences) as a worthy subject!

Without further adieu here are some of our favorite fences as art. From all of us at GreatFence.com, thank you for capturing the beauty and versatility of residential, industrial and commercial fencing.

#1 The Running Fence

To most people a fence represents a permanent boundary. A line not to be crossed, a design to keep intruders out and loved ones in. However, for artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude their vision was to create a fence that invited you to walk alongside of it, the way you would with a friend. In September of 1976, after three and a half years of prep work, the Running Fence was finished. Constructed of white fabric, the fence stood an impressive 18 feet tall and ran over 24 miles through the Sonoma and Marin Counties of California. Though this temporary fence only graced the world for two weeks before it was taken down, its impression of unity and beauty is a permanent memory.

#2 Wagon Wheel Fence

Just outside of Uniontown, WA is the famous Wagon Wheel Fence at Dahmen Barn. Owned by artists Steve Dahmen and his wife Junette since 1953, this clever fence was crafted by Steve over a thirty year period using 1,000 different wheels! From wagon wheels and tractor wheels, to antique wheels and gears, the Wagon Wheel Fence is a stunning masterpiece that attracts tourists from all over the country every year. Read more www.artisanbarn.org/Story.asp

Artisan Barn Wagon Wheel Fence

#3 Typography Fence Art By Lambchop

We’ll be the first to admit that chain-link fences aren’t really our deal, but we love how Michigan based artist Lambchop (we’re guessing it’s a stage name?) is weaving beautifully simple and inspiring messages into these links with flagging tape. Check out more of her work here.

typography fence art by Lambchop

Inspired to make your own fence art? Come visit us at GreatFence.com for the fences and accessories you need to create your own personal masterpiece.  We invite you to send us a photo of your GreatFence so we can blog about you as well!