100% Made in the USA
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What makes an aluminum GreatFence even greater?  GREAT GreatFence shipping of course!  Here at GreatFence.com we’re so proud of our standout shipping procedures that we thought we’d take a moment to a share WHY you’ll get the five-star shipping treatment when you order from GreatFence.com.

Fast Delivery Time

Tired of waiting weeks and weeks for anything larger than a sweater to arrive in the mail? Not Fast Shippingwith GreatFence shipping! All of our fences and gates are shipped within two weeks or less! Not to mention that our products are 100% U.S.A. made! Unlike other companies we don’t have to wait weeks to get components from across the globe!

Communication With Carrier

For every order, big or small, our freight carrier will contact you after your order leaves our Michigan factory to schedule a delivery time that’s convenient for you!

Always Direct

We always ship directly to your home or business.