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…is the desert switching to aluminum fences by law?

We’ve been saying it for years, an aluminum fence beats a wood fence any day. When it comes to maintenance, sustainability and classical good looks – aluminum can’t be beat. As much as we say it though, we still have the occasional nay-sayers. And some of those nay-sayers have resided in Palm Desert – until now!

According to a recent article published in The Desert Sun city officials in Palm Desert are debating if wood fences should be allowed in their city. Current city law mandates that wooden fences are not permitted if they can be seen by the street, due their unfortunate inability to hold up in the dry, desert weather.

While it seems like Palm Desert was ready to boot out wood fences for good – their plan has skidded to an unsuspecting stop. Due to three wooden fence cases that were appealed to the city’s Architectural Review Commission and City Council, city officials are debating if an impending ban on wood fences all together in Palm Desert is the best way to go, or if citizens should be allowed to keep their fences.

One homeowner, Peyton McElyea, spoke to The Desert Sun about the drastic renovations he made to his property – including replacing a dilapidated wooden fence that when finished cost him nearly $5,000 (and will need regular upkeep, don’t forget!). He is one of the homeowners that fell in violation of this ban on wooden fences- until the city council put the ban on hold until they decided if banning wooden fences was actually necessary.

While we are a huge fan of easy, breezy aluminum fences over here at GreatFence.com, we do feel for the homeowner who has just spent a ton of money maintaining his/her wood fence and Aluminum fence in Palm Dessertmay have to take it down. We hope that the city can resolve the battle of the wood fence once and for all – with a positive outcome for all homeowner’s involved.

In the meantime Palm Desert, if you’re looking for a city-approved, maintenance-free beauty for your home or business, stop by www.greatfence.com and find yourself a gorgeous neighbor-friendly aluminum fence that isn’t at risk of being banned!

Live in Palm Desert? What do you think about this possible law banning wood fences from your city?  Comment below.