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Are you looking for the perfect fence—one that will last for many years and be pleasing to the eye—for your home or business? There are many types to choose from when selecting the perfect one for your home or business, but aluminum proves to be the material that outweighs the rest when it comes to longevity and aesthetics. In recent years aluminum fences have become one of the most popular choices by customers because this type offers the stunning appearance of wrought iron, effortless maintenance and a much, much longer lifespan. What’s more, Great Fence aluminum fences are guaranteed to last for many decades to come.

How Do Other Materials Compare to Aluminum?

There are many other options available (wrought iron, steel, wood and vinyl) when it comes to selecting the material for your fence, in addition to aluminum. Let’s take a closer look at how these other options compare. Although beautiful, wrought iron requires ongoing maintenance as it tends to rust and corrode over time. It also needs fresh paint every couple of years, something that you don’t have to worry about with aluminum. Steel needs to be sanded and repainted every few years and has much less flexibility during installation. It’s also susceptible to corrosion, particularly from salt water, which requires even more upkeep in coastal areas. Wood also needs fresh paint every couple of years, as well as ongoing maintenance. Regardless of upkeep, wood will breakdown and rot over time and need to be replaced. Aluminum surpasses vinyl because it maintains its shape in extreme temperature fluctuations, while vinyl deteriorates from constantly shrinking and expanding in changing climates. While a harsh climate can play a role in the longevity of an aluminum fence, Great Fence uses the highest quality materials and has a unique development process that allows our fences to endure hot coastal areas as well as the harsh winter conditions that are typical in the north. Our aluminum fences can even stand up against lawn chemicals and the salty beach air.

Why is Great Fence the Superior Choice?

With the Great Fence product, you get beauty and longevity with one of our aluminum fences. Unlike other metals, aluminum fences are rust free and non-corrosive. Although untreated aluminum develops an unattractive patina on the surface, this isn’t the case with an aluminum fence produced by Great Fence. We use the best quality powder paint coating that gives a very attractive wrought iron appearance and requires no touch-ups or maintenance for life. Other than needing to be sprayed occasionally with the hose—or warm, soapy water if you need to get grease or grime off—to keep the surface clean, our aluminum fences offer the best appearance. And while many aluminum fences usually come with a 20-30 year warranty, Great Fence uses premium quality materials and has a unique method in creating their aluminum fences that allows them to offer the highest quality product and a lifetime warranty.

How Does Great Fence Offer a Lifetime Guarantee?

How can Great Fence offer a lifetime guarantee on their fences? We can because of our commitment to making the highest quality aluminum fences, which starts with our materials. We create residential, commercial and industrial aluminum fences that are custom made in Michigan, USA, from 100 percent USA made aluminum. We also use 20 percent more metal in our fences than other brands, making our aluminum fences stronger, more durable and more reliable. Our fences have a superior powder paint coating that is guaranteed not to crack, peel, blister or rust. Better yet, our fences never need to be repainted.

Great Fence has a commitment to detail and excellent workmanship. We offer a wide selection of beautiful aluminum fences for every possible need. Our fences have larger pickets, rails on panels and eight metal support ribs in each rail, which increases security and durability. Every fence is independently tested with horizontal force resistance to ensure we deliver the best product. Such product testing ensures that we meet our lifetime guarantees and leave customers satisfied.

Who is the Great Fence Customer?

Great Fence offers some of the finest quality aluminum fences on the market today for residential, commercial and industrial use. For the home we offer aluminum fences that can provide added privacy to your property, create a secure boundary to keep pets safe, enclose a swimming pool or provide a decorative fence for your garden. For businesses we offer a heavy-duty fence that creates an aesthetically pleasing barrier while offering greater security. For high traffic areas we offer an industrial strength aluminum fence that offers the best security for places such as hospitals, public parks, schools and storage units. So whatever your specific needs concerning fences, we at Great Fence can easily meet your requirements with our reliable, carefully constructed products.