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fence aluminum woodChoosing the right fence for any given property can be a real challenge. Aside from the aesthetic appeal that different materials provide, it is important to choose a medium able to stand up to the typical wear and tear of the area. The goal is to find something durable that will last a considerable amount of time.

Many people find themselves struggling to decide between aluminum and wood when it comes to fencing. Both offer benefits that home and business owners should consider. At the same time, aluminum and wood fencing both have disadvantages as well. Pricing is also something to keep in mind when shopping around. Here are some things to consider when getting ready to purchase fencing.

Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum is a durable choice for the property owner that isn’t interested in changing the fencing frequently. Once installed, the fence should be able to stand up to the weather without a lot of additional maintenance or work on the part of the property owner.

In addition to being durable, aluminum offers versatility. While at first glance the fencing seems to be fairly basic, it is possible to make slight changes that enhance the fence’s overall appearance. Some see aluminum as a more upscale option.

Because each portion of the fence is made from the same material, in the same shape and size, there are no differences from one section of the fence to another. If uniformity is a concern, aluminum fencing is the way to go.

Downfalls of Aluminum

For many people, the cost of aluminum might be a drawback. There is no doubt that it is usually more costly than wood fencing. However, if this is the only thing holding back the decision, it is important to note that this type of fencing doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Paying a little more upfront could mean saving money in the long run. Wood tends to need a lot of care and attention over the years.

Another negative about aluminum fencing is the lack of privacy that it provides. It will be possible to see between the vertical pickets to gain viewing access into the area. While this may be an issue for residential property owners, many business owners aren’t as concerned with privacy as much as they are will the overall separation and appeal that fencing can provide.  Great Fence also carries 2 fence/gate styles with double pickets for additional privacy.  Additionally, we also carry another product called our privacy fencing and gates which offers 100% full enclosures.

Benefits of Wood

The aesthetics of wood tend to be a real attention getter for residents and business owners. Instead of a uniform look, the cracks, wood grain and knots can add something extra to the character of the fencing. Because of this, some people actually look for imperfect vertical pickets of wood fencing to add a rustic touch to the overall look.

Aside from the various styles available, wood can be painted a variety of different colors to suite the tastes of the property owner. If anything about the exterior of a building or changes in the property take place, it is possible to change the color of the fencing to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the area.

Depending on the style of the fence, it is possible to have some privacy from the rest of the world. Wood slats can be placed closed together to create a real visual separation from the rest of the world. The fence can stand out with bright colors or blend into the background to avoid taking away from the landscape.

Downfalls of Wood

While wood has a real aesthetic appeal, there are some real drawbacks, including the constant maintenance it requires. Wood requires some real attention that includes staining or treating from the very beginning. Then, the process will need to be repeated frequently in order to preserve the look and strength of the fence.

While wood is able to stand up to some weather conditions, warping and board replacement does happen. This means that a portion of the wood needs to be removed and replaced, causing an increase in materials and installation fees.

Aluminum Fence and Wood Posts

Over the years, Great Fence has gained many new customers who wish to mount and install aluminum fence panels between the customer’s wood posts.  It’s a very unique and decorative look utilizing the benefits of both wood and ornamental aluminum.  Simply purchase Great Fence fence panels along with our powder coated, metal mounting brackets along with your own preferred wood treated posts and you’re ready to go!

aluminum fence


Both fencing options have benefits that property owners should consider as well as drawbacks that can cause a person to step back and take a second look before making a final decision. The area, the type of property and the owner’s personal preferences will all factor when choosing fencing.

For individuals looking for something aesthetically pleasing that can stand the test of time and weather, aluminum fencing is the clear winner. Even with a higher initial cost, the amount of money saved on long term maintenance makes aluminum a great choice as a worry-free option.

Finally, aluminum fencing and gates are designed for easy do-it-yourself installation which means you can save thousands of dollars by ordering the materials and installing the product(s) yourself.