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styles aluminum fenceFences serve a valuable function in keeping people and pets in or out. These home additions don’t have to be entirely utilitarian, however. When selecting your fence, explore the wealth of aesthetic options before making your choice. Whether you’re seeking to add an aluminum pool fence to secure your home swimming area or a perimeter fence to give your beloved pooch the run of your property, you’ll be able to find a fence that suits both your needs and your desired aesthetic. Because fences are pricey investments that are built to last, you should exercise care and consideration when selecting your fence as you won’t be swapping out this valuable addition to your home any time soon.


Match your fence to the rest of your backyard décor by carefully considering your picket configuration. The pickets, or small vertical posts that rest between the larger horizontal rails that make up your fence, feature an assortment of stylized tops, each providing a different feel. For optimal security, select a classic spear-toped picket. These pickets feature a point at their tops that help to discourage climbing. If you seek the security of a spear-top picket fence but want a little more visual interest, try the staggered-spear design. This design features speared pickets at alternating heights. For an even more complex design, try the Concave Spear Top or Convex Spear Top configurations. Each of these design features a distinctive wave pattern at the fence top. If you have small children or simply worry about the potential risk associated with spike-topped pickets, select a smooth-top design that is spear-free and fits beautifully with contemporary aesthetics. Depending upon the spike or sans-spike configuration you select, you may also opt to add additional decorative details, like aluminum rounds or a base of more closely-spaced pickets to keep your tiny pup fully secured in your enclosure. If you’re adding an aluminum pool fence to your space, pay close attention to picket spacing as most insurance providers have set requirements to ensure optimal pool security.  Always check your local building codes for any restrictions in your local area.  Many jurisdictions require certain spacing requirements to make it difficult for children to climb up and over the fence barrier.  BOCA is a national code that many, but not all jurisdictions require you to follow.  For a list of BOCA restrictions and your style options, see:  https://greatfence.com/aluminum-pool-fence.aspx.


Unlike wood fencing, aluminum fencing is available in an assortment of stay-true colors that don’t require continual repainting or other attention. For a classic and imposing look, stick with traditional black. If you seek a color that better meshes with your landscaping, lawn furniture or pool concrete, explore other options. Select white if you’re designing a sleek, Mediterranean space. Opt for bronze to accentuate your luxurious, Grecian-inspired outdoor oasis. Choose hunter green if your yard features lush greenery, or opt for sandstone to fit in with your desert-like sandy yard. Along with color, you can customize your texture. For a shinier finish, select a semi-gloss. If you prefer a matte look, select satin.


Regardless of the size or number of openings you want to leave on your fence for property access, you can find a gate to fit. Select a gate designed to match your color selection and picket-top configuration to create a seamless and complete look. When selecting your gate, also consider your designed opening direction. Choose a single-swing gate if you only want your gate to open in one direction, or opt for a double-swing gate for easier access—particularly with full hands—from both directions. If you’re planning for supreme security and you’ve designed your gate to surround the front of your property as well, add a driveway-sized estate gate to your plan as well to keep the space fully secured. Finalize your gate planning by adding your hinges. To meet most aluminum pool fence requirements, you must select a self-latching latch. If you’re not securing a pool, you have a little more flexibility in selecting a latch that fits both your wants and your budget. To make your driveway gate easiest to use, select a mechanized latch so you don’t have to exit your vehicle each time you want to gain access to your property. You’ll thank yourself—particularly on rainy days.  Many jurisdictions require your gate to open outward; this is not a problem when using a spring-loaded, self closing hinge because you get to decide which way the gate swings during the easy installation process.


Create a cohesive and polished look by selecting lighting that is incorporated into the fence itself. Add some lighted posts to your carefully designed fence-scape. These posts are solar powered, so they are inexpensive and safe to install at the gate or around your fence to fit your distinctive design aesthetic. The posts give your fence a soft glow, adding ambiance to your space. They also offer a bit of added security as they gently light up your yard and make your home a less attractive target for would-be burglars or vandals.