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diy-fenceThere are many reasons a property owner might decide to install a fence. Privacy, security, protection, and aesthetics are among the key factors people cite in their decision to put a fence on their property. Fences can fill a variety of needs, but the reason for installing a fence is just the first step in the process and might not be the most important decision a property owner makes. The most important choice is often the selection of fencing material because the material used can make or break a project.

Fences can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and iron. However, the most durable, attractive, and maintenance-free option continues to be aluminum. Aluminum fencing has come a long way in recent decades and has garnered a strong following, making it a popular choice among property owners for a variety of reasons. Although the benefits of installing an aluminum fence are numerous, they can be summed up in three key areas that clearly show why aluminum fencing is the leading choice in fencing materials.


When installing a fence, it is important for the fence to last for many years without a significant amount of maintenance. Anyone who has owned a wood or iron fence knows that it takes a considerable amount of recurring work to maintain the fence’s appearance and prevent rot or rust. Sanding, painting, and replacing damaged sections take a great deal of time and money, which becomes frustrating and exhausting over the long run. No one wants to have to repair a fence every year or two just to keep it looking presentable.

This is where aluminum fencing becomes one of the best investments a property owner can make. An aluminum DIY fence will not rust or rot. It is extremely durable, which means it will not break down from exposure to the elements. A moderately priced aluminum fence will last for decades with very little maintenance required. Most aluminum fencing comes with multiple coats of protective paint that will withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Aluminum fencing does not require scraping, painting, or the replacement of rusty parts. Over the lifespan of a fence, aluminum fencing significantly reduces a property owner’s workload and costs, which is a big reason it is such a popular material for fencing.


When installing a fence, no one wants to deal with a project that drags on for days or even weeks. Installing some fencing materials, such as wood, can be very involved and take a lot of time. Another key benefit of installing an aluminum fence is that it can be set in place in a fraction of the time it takes to install other fencing materials.

Aluminum fence panels are designed to be easy to install.  Anyone can install an aluminum fence quickly and efficiently, which can provide significant monetary savings. There is no hammering, nailing, or staining involved. Installers mark the fence line, dig the holes, set the posts, and then secure the aluminum panels to the posts.  Many property owners install themselves without ever having installed a fence before.

A DIY fence is so easy to install that property owners can do it themselves. However, in order to achieve a truly professional look, it’s recommended that you have one other person assisting.


One of the key elements in installing a fence is design. Everyone wants their fence to look great and add value to their property. Aluminum fence panels provide property owners with a variety of creative options when it comes to designing a fence. Aluminum fencing comes in a wide range of styles and designs, which allows for a custom look that enhances a property’s appearance, blends with the existing architecture, and adds to the value of the property.

Whether a property owner’s goal is to add decoration, provide privacy, keep children or pets in the yard, or keep intruders out, there is an aluminum fence design that will meet those needs. In addition, aluminum fencing comes in a variety of colors and heights, which provides a great deal of flexibility when selecting a fencing design.

With so many benefits, it is clear to see why aluminum fencing has become a staple in quality and durability among fencing materials. Installing an aluminum fence will provide years of worry-free enjoyment while adding considerable value to a property.