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When selling homes, it’s always a question of which improvements pay off. Remodeling a bedroom, touching up paint and installing energy-efficient windows—these add property value. What most people aren’t aware of, however, is that the simple addition of a fence can greatly improve their chances of being the most wanted in the neighborhood.

Curb Appeal Redefined

The first thing people will see when they drive up around the neighborhood is not your remodeled bathroom or that Pinterest-worthy deck; it’s the property’s curb appeal that makes the impression. You want that first impression to count, so on top of the good landscaping and newly painted windows and doors, choose a good fence.

By good, we mean rust-and-rot-proof. You want a fence that’s crisp and clean. We at Great Fence believe there’s nothing more practical and aesthetic of a choice than aluminum fence. You and potential homebuyers will not have to worry about painting—or repainting—aluminum fences because its colors don’t chip, blister or rust—ever.

Check out the different fence colors we offer; our catalogue has gold, bronze, white, black, hunter green, and sandstone gloss. Satin white, bronze, khaki, and black are also available if you want a flat finish.

Privacy and Security

More than the aesthetic appeal, home buyers want homes that provide privacy and security for homeowners (most especially children) and against burglars. Fences are one of the simplest things you can add to your property to give buyers a peace of mind.

It’s best if you can determine the crime rate at your neighborhood, so you can consider the level of security you need from the fence you’ll later install. Talk to us if you’re unsure of the size of aluminum fence your property needs.

Fences serve not just to keep criminals out, but also keep children and pets in. Most kids, playing in the yard can, in the heat of a good game, run into a busy street. This runs the risk for injuries and accidents. The same applies to dogs. Not having a fence makes potential homebuyers at risk for legal liabilities for possible damages their pet may cause when it runs loose.

Before placing the “For Sale” sign in your front yard, install aluminum fence. Contact us for these needs.