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Numerous Options Allow You to Customize Your Aluminum Fence


Aluminum fence panels come in many styles. You can choose many colors and add options for safety and style.

When it comes time to install your aluminum fencing, you can stick to the basics or embellish to your heart’s delight. Aluminum fences come if many styles, colors and heights. In addition, you can add finials, metal rings, puppy pickets and more.

Fence Panels

Aluminum fences are available in an impressive array of styles. A spear top fence panel has sharp, beveled tops on its pickets. A staggered spear fence panel has the same tops but with alternating heights. The picket heights on a concave spear top fence panel decrease as they approach the center of the panel. A convex spear top fence panel has the opposite effect, with the maximum picket height at the center of the panel.

A flat top aluminum fence panel has a horizontal element at the top. An alternate design is the flat top with spear, whose pickets alternate between spears and those that are fixed flush to the top. A flat top with flush bottom and two rails is a simple design with no rail near the bottom. A similar option is a flat top with flush bottom and a third rail near the top.

Finally, there are the 2x pickets spear top and a corresponding flat top. These have twice the pickets of a standard fence.

Stylish Additions

You can add a touch of style to some aluminum fence panels with aluminum finials. These ornamental caps for pickets come in several styles, three of which resemble spears or fleur de lis and one that has a contemporary square shape. These are powder-coated in colors matching your fence.

You can attach large, decorative scrolls to gates and fence panels. They measure 7.25” wide by 17.25” high. Nothing makes a gate look better than an aluminum gate arch. Add a sunburst arch to any gate, giving it a round top that adds class and beauty.

Add designer inlays to your fence for a one-of-a-kind look. These are mounted in 24” OD circles that are welded to your gate or fence section. Several designs are available, or choose any letter in the alphabet. Butterfly scrolls measure 3.5” wide by 3.75” high. These attach near the tops of pickets. You can also add a designer rail with circles to accent your fence.

You can choose from nine colors for your aluminum fence. These are applied by a powder-coating process and are guaranteed for life. Choose from bronze, gold, black, white and hunter green with a gloss finish, or black, khaki, bronze or white with a satin finish.

Add solar post lights to your fence to illuminate the perimeter. These emit a soft glow and are only available for 2” x 2” and 2.5” x 2.5” posts.

Add Safety and Security

The puppy pickets option keeps your four-legged friends inside the fence where they belong. The panel consists of pickets spaced at half the interval at the bottom portion of the fence. This is fabricated into the fence.

Add a metal security screen to keep hands on the other side of your fence. The screen is factory welded and powder-coated. You can add this to any fence panel or gate. The screen is made from 1” x 1” x 0.125” flat bar. It is added at installation and requires holes to be drilled in the fence panel or gate.