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When you order aluminum fencing panels, you can easily add a gate for your driveway. While most people use residential double-swing gates, it’s possible to use an industrial single-swing gate that is wider than the residential gates we offer.  i.e. it’s common to mix and match 18 foot, 20 foot, 24 foot wide Industrial driveway gates with residential fence barriers.  We don’t offer a single-swing residential gate that is sufficiently wide for a driveway. Our aluminum driveway gates are great for backyards and to secure swimming pools. Keep in mind that fences and gates for swimming pools must adhere to specific safety standards and possibly additional standards according to your locality.

You already know that aluminum fence panels are light, strong and easy to install. Aluminum driveway gates offer similar advantages. Unlike fence panels, driveway gates are often set in motion, which makes aluminum especially good. Of course, our gates come in the same colors as our fence panels. You can order single swing and double-swing gates in the style you’ve selected for your fence. Like our fence panels, aluminum driveway gates are strong and durable, and they require no maintenance.

You can install an automated gate operator for our gates. Most commercially available gate operators will work.


Posts are not included with your gate purchase. You will typically need two gate posts for any gate purchase unless you plan to mount double swing gate to your own brick or cement columns. We recommend, at minimum, posts that are approximately two feet longer than the gate height if it is to be cemented into the ground. For mounting on a surface, you need posts that are just three inches higher than the gate, plus a welded plate / flange to accomplish the surface mount. We provide specific guidance on our gate and post product pages, respectively.

Puppy Pickets

Customers with pets often add a puppy pickets, frequently called “puppy pickets”, to their aluminum fencing, and you can also order this option for driveway gates. A puppy pickets consists of double pickets at the bottom of the gate. To add a puppy pickets, we fabricate your gate with an additional horizontal rail and include the double pickets underneath it.

The puppy pickets is not a separate product, and it cannot be added after the fact. It is an option that we fabricate into fence panels and gates at our factory. Therefore, you must order this option at the time you order your gate. Just add this option when you select your gate in our online store.


Double-swing gates up to 12 feet wide come with two pairs of our standard gate hinges in the same color as your gate. You can order self-closing gate hinges that swing shut automatically. You can adjust the tension on these self-lubricating hinges, which are made from molded, reinforced polymer.


While you might think of your gate as the final touch in your fence project, remember that the gate is the first thing you should install. Always set up your gate posts and build your fence outward from there.

Custom Gates

We sell residential double-swing gates in standard widths up to 12 feet, commercial double swing gates up to 16 feet and industrial grade double swing gates up to 28 feet wide.  However, you can purchase a gate with a custom width. We just need to know what is called the daylight opening measurement (DLO). Measure between the insides of the existing structures to which you will mount the gate, which typically will be two gate posts. Order the next larger standard gate size. Note the DLO and we’ll take care of the rest at our US factory.  It’s that simple!