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Aluminum is a superb material for fencing. It’s tough and durable, and it is easy to install thanks to its light weight. On top of that, aluminum fence panels require virtually no maintenance. A typical homeowner has no reason to upgrade to aluminum commercial fence panels. However, they are worth considering if you have unusually high activity or traffic through your home. Otherwise, commercial aluminum fence panels are more appropriate in retail settings, for lighter industrial activities such as warehousing, and for institutions such as hospitals and schools.

Security Considerations

Aluminum offers good security and it also looks good. Looks may not matter in some instances, but if you’re running a retail or institutional operation, you want your fence to look clean and inviting, even if you don’t want people going over the top.

An intruder might sometimes be able to gain a foothold on a chain link fence, but that’s not going to happen with aluminum fence panels. Commercial aluminum fence panels have picket spacing narrower than 4 inches, and with only a few horizontal rails, there is precious little to offer a foothold.

You have a few options if you want to enhance the security of your aluminum fence. First, you can add a security mesh to both your fence panels and gates. This comes in the form of a frame to which the mesh is welded at the factory. The frame is then bolted to the fence.

If you want to upgrade to industrial aluminum fence panels, you can add curved pickets. These are curved at the top at a 51-degree angle, facing outward to dissuade most fence climbers. Industrial aluminum fence panels are the heaviest and sturdiest fence panels we offer. These come up to ten feet tall.

You can also increase the security of your aluminum commercial fence panels by ordering a style with double pickets. These are available in styles 7 and 8. With their narrow spacing, double pickets make it quite difficult for someone to scale your fence. They also keep out many small animals. You can add a puppy pickets to your fence to shut out even more animals or to keep your animals inside the fence. Dog panels are fabricated into the fence panels at our factory. With this option, you have an additional rail near the bottom of the fence panel; there are double pickets from there to the bottom of the fence.

Spear tops offer one more way to enhance the security of your commercial aluminum fence panels. They look nice while presenting a formidable obstacle to someone who has scaled to the top of your fence. Unlike the unsightly barbed wire you might see atop some security fences, spear tops look nice. In lighter commercial applications, it’s all about looking good while providing the necessary security features.


Commercial aluminum fence panels are easy to install. You can do it yourself or you can hire someone handy to do the job. Aluminum fence panels are lightweight and easy to move around during installation. They’re easy to trim, and they require no welding. You can generally use pre-punched posts, and when you can’t, it’s not hard to punch one out. You can erect a fence in almost any configuration. You can rack them up stairs and slopes, and you can use swivel mounts to make just about any angle.