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MORE_THAN_MEETS_THE_EYE_greenWe offer aluminum fence panels in residential, commercial and industrial grades. In a nutshell, these grades of fencing are made with increasing amounts of metal. You should consider upgrading if you expect heavier traffic than a typical home might have.

Regardless of the grade, our fence panels resist corrosion and require little maintenance. They are strong and relatively light. Most of our customers save money by installing them on their own.

Differences Between Residential, Commercial and Industrial Metal Fencing

Residential aluminum fence panels are fine for most homeowners. They are great for enclosing yards, swimming pools and other areas around the home. You can add gates for driveways and walkways.

Note that pool fences must meet certain requirements. Avoid issues by checking with your local authorities if you plan to put a fence around a swimming pool.  Pool fencing, however, is available in all 3 grades.

Commercial aluminum fence panels are more substantial than residential fence panels because they contain larger pickets, larger rails and a thicker gauge of material. These panels are designed for areas that have more traffic than a home, such as a retail establishment or the area around an office building. The pickets and the rails are bigger, and the rails are supported by eight ribs for added strength.

Our industrial metal fencing panels are the sturdiest and heaviest aluminum fence panels we offer. They are meant to provide more security for high-traffic areas, such as around schools, hospitals, warehouses, large retail centers and storage facilities.

Additional Details

The pickets on most of our residential aluminum fencing panels are spaced at 3-13/16”. You can purchase some styles with double pickets for added security. Some styles of residential aluminum fence panels have flat tops on the pickets, while others have spears. Finials are also available to dress up picket tops.

You can select a variety of colors. Some colors tend to blend in with the background, while others better define the space. You can opt for ornamental rings or scrolls to add interest and beauty to your fence. One of our most popular options is the puppy pickets. Available on certain styles, puppy pickets serve to keep your canine friends on their side of the fence by means of double pickets at the bottom of the fence panels. To enhance security, you can add a security screen, which consists of a rust-free, expanded metal mesh, framed that is welded to a fence panel or gate.

Most commercial fence panels have pickets spaced at 3-5/8”, which is a bit closer than the pickets on standard residential fence panels. You can buy certain commercial fence panel styles with tighter 1-1/2” picket spacing. You can add most of the options available for residential fencing.

For the most security and the heaviest traffic, industrial metal fence panels are the way to go. Most of our industrial fence panels have 3-11/16” picket spacing. With industrial fence panels, you are looking to keep intruders off the premises. With this in mind, you can buy these panels in heights as tall as 10’.   Add speared tops to make it hard for fence jumpers to accomplish their mission. You can also order double pickets, and you can add curved pickets to present a formidable barrier to climbers.