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Aluminum driveway gates really put the icing on the cake. It’s not hard to add the security of driveway gates in aluminum to your DIY aluminum fence project. Make a plan, and then work methodically and you can’t go wrong.

Consider completing your home fencing project with an aluminum gate for your driveway. Besides looking great, a driveway gate adds a security barrier. All it takes is careful planning and methodical execution, and your driveway gate will be installed in no time.

Aluminum Driveway Gate in White from GreatFence.com

The Plan

Before you do anything else, consider your driveway and how your gate will sit in relation to the street. Remember that it matters how your gate opens. If it opens out into the street, you may not be able to open the gate when there is traffic. Likewise, if you can’t park your car for a moment while it opens, you won’t be able to enter your driveway. If the gate opens inward, it will require a lot of clear space inside the fence.

Place the gate so that you can wait in your car out of the traffic flow while you open it. You should also consider whether you will want clear space inside the fence to park one or more cars. Consider how your gate will fit into the surroundings when it’s open. Be sure to think about obstructions that may prevent the gate from opening. In addition to the obvious, such as plantings and other permanent barriers, remember that your gate must clear uneven surfaces and slopes on the ground and across your driveway. You do not want to install a gate and then realize you can’t open it. Don’t forget about seasonal issues such as snow. If streets are plowed after a snowstorm, you may have a temporary impediment to your gate’s opening that could be there for several days or longer.


It’s easy to install your driveway gates in aluminum if you just plan the job carefully and work steadily and methodically during installation. If you’re putting up a fence, you should install the gate first. Work outward from there to erect the fence. First you should set your posts. Measure between your proposed post holes, and do it twice to be sure.

Pound in a stake on either side of the driveway. String a line between them to trace the bottom of the gate. That should be level. Dig your post holes. These should be at least six inches in diameter if you’re using 2″ x 2″ or 2.5″ x 2.5″ posts. If you’re using larger posts, aim for eight inches. Now, fill the post holes with concrete. The concrete should come up to about 2 inches below the surface. If you make your holes slightly out of round, you’re less likely to have twisting posts. Let the concrete set before you hang the gate.

Get a plumb line and a level and check that your posts are square to the surface. This lets you know your gates are going to hang correctly. It doesn’t hurt to measure between the posts once more while you’re doing this. You really can’t measure too much when you’re doing this kind of work.

You might have pillars around your gate. It’s not a bad idea to place posts between the pillars rather than fixing the gate directly to the pillars.