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Aluminum fencing panels are nothing if not versatile. You can install them at all but the most extreme angles. On top of that, slopes rarely present a problem.

Aluminum fence panels are easy to install, and they make short work of just about any configuration or terrain. It’s hard to imagine another fence material that matches aluminum’s versatility.

No Trouble with the Curve

Curves and angles present no problem if you’re installing aluminum fencing panels. You can work with angles in two ways depending on the degree of the angle.

You can use our normal pre-punched posts with smaller angles. Use a standard line post to make an angle of 8 to 10 degrees from a straight line simply by flexing a panel in the desired direction and attaching it to the post. That is equivalent to a fence angle of 170 to 190 degrees, which is just a slight deviation from a straight run.

You can use the same technique with a corner post to make angles that exceed 10 degrees. Corner posts are pre-punched so you can make a right angle. You can flex the panel a bit in one direction or the other to realize an angle in your fence of 80 to 100 degrees. You can simply pull your fence panels to the desired angle and then set them to the post.

You can accomplish almost any other angle using our swivel mounts. You can make an angle of up to around 35 degrees by using a swivel mount on one side of a post. Use swivel mounts on both sides to make a 70-degree angle. There are few angles you can’t make with aluminum fence panels, but note that you can’t use end posts for these applications.


Racking Fence PanelsSlopes are no challenge for aluminum fencing panels. You can erect an aluminum fence on any sort of hill or slope with no problem.

You can go ahead and use our normal fence panels on slopes with a rise of 6 inches or less per fence panel. In this case, you can just use our usual pre-punched posts at the corners and ends or in the fence runs. We sell optional mounts for use with your own posts or to terminate a run on a vertical surface.

We sell rackable aluminum fencing panels to accommodate steeper slopes. Our rackable fence panels work with a rise of 6 to 20 inches per panel. You can use our standard posts in this case. Once again, we have optional mounts for use with your own posts or to end a run at a wall or other vertical surface.

You will need our heavy rackable aluminum fencing panels for steeper slopes. With these, you can erect a fence on a slope that rises as much as 36 inches per panel. In this case, you’ll need our blank, non-punched posts, and you’ll also need to use swivel mounts.

With rackable fence panels, you can’t order certain options. These include puppy pickets and ornamental rings. You also can’t order rackable versions of our styles 7 and 8. However, you can rack these styles up to a rise of roughly 15 inches per panel. You’ll need to employ stair stepping for steeper runs. For this, you will have to trim a 4- or 6-foot panel to make short panels that you can stair-step up a slope. You should punch out end posts or non-punched posts in this case.