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We sell our aluminum fence panels in three grades. Based on your security, privacy and esthetic requirements, you can choose residential, commercial or industrial fence panels.

As you move from residential to commercial to industrial grade, you’re buying a fence made with more metal. The essential reason for upgrading is to accommodate increasing amounts of traffic, wear and tear.  You can buy any grade and be assured that your fence will require little to no maintenance and will not corrode. You can install any grade of fence yourself, because all our aluminum fence panels, regardless of grade, are designed for self-installation. Our customers typically install their fences themselves.

What Grade Do You Need?

industrial_aluminum_fence_spear_top_houston_texas A typical homeowner will be happy with residential aluminum fence panels. You can confidently use these around your yard, swimming pool or other areas around your residence. We offer a selection of gates for your walk or driveway. Keep in mind that your community may have specific requirements for swimming pool fences. Always consult local authorities before putting up a pool fence – or any fence, for that matter.

Our commercial fence panels are heavier than our residential fence panels. We sell these fence panels for areas with heavier traffic than is usually found around a home. Select commercial aluminum fence panels for office buildings, light industrial areas, retail centers, schools, hospitals, hotels. The rails and pickets on these fence panels are larger, and the rails have eight internal support metal ribs to add strength.

Choose our industrial aluminum fence panels for the most demanding situations, such as hospitals, warehouses, storage units, airports, hotels, military. These panels also offer the greatest security, especially if you add options such as spears and curved pickets.

The Details

All of our aluminum fencing panels and gates come in a variety of colors. Some of these colors blend in with natural surroundings, while you can choose other, brighter colors to make a statement or define a space. Our colors are powder-coated, so you will not encounter any of the issues you can face with paint like blistering, flaking or peeling.

Our residential aluminum fence panels usually have pickets spaced at 3-13/16”. Some styles are available with double pickets. You can order residential styles with flat tops or spears on top of pickets, and you can also order various kinds of finials to dress up your residential fence. Other options include scrolls and ornamental rings; these add beauty rather than functionality.

Many residential customers order the puppy pickets / short pickets option. These can be purchased for certain styles of fence, and they consist of panels with double pickets that are fabricated into the fence bottom to keep small animals from passing through. You can also order a security screen. This is an expanded metal, rust-free frame with a screen that attaches to either a gate or a fence panel.

Our commercial fence panels usually feature 3-5/8” picket spacing. This is somewhat tighter than the pickets on a residential fence panel. Some styles of commercial fence panel have 1-1/2” picket spacing. Most of the options discussed above can be purchased for residential aluminum fence panels.

Industrial aluminum fence panels offer the greatest security and withstand the heaviest traffic. Our industrial fence panels generally have pickets spaced at 3-11/16”. Industrial fence panels are best at thwarting intruders, and these panels come in heights of up to 10’. You can increase security with speared tops, double pickets and curved pickets.