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Racking_Fence_Panels_Hills_SlopesIf you’ve accidentally created a few scratches in your aluminum fence, don’t worry. It’s nothing a little bit of touch-up paint can’t fix.

What if someone was a little careless near your home’s shiny aluminum fence and now there are some unfortunate scratches on some of the fence panels? Don’t worry; it’s easy to fix. The key is to not wait too long to touch up the fence. If you have an aluminum fence, you must know how high-quality it is and looks. Having unsightly marks can detract from the new look of the fence. Moreover, having a scratch in the coatings of the fence can open it up to moisture and chemicals being able to reach past the protective outside layers.

The skin of the fence

Think of the fence as having skin just like you. Like your skin, your fence can get a bit banged up from time to time. One common way an aluminum pool fence can get scratched is when someone is cleaning the pool with a long net. If the person cleaning isn’t careful, the length of the pole can hit into the pool fence panels, leaving unsightly marks.

Unlike our skin, a scratched fence can’t repair itself. That’s where you come in with only a can of touch-up spray paint. Whether it is your pool fence that needs some TLC or perhaps your lawnmower got a bit too close to the fence in your yard, touch-up paint should be enough to get the job done.

One last place you may wish to touch up from time to time is around any key locks or hinges. The keys slipping and the hinges opening and closing constantly could mean that these two places may have a bit more wear and tear than the rest of the fence.

Don’t let anyone dull your shine

Scratches can cut into the powder coating and affect the general look of the fence, but what about a dull, tired fence? It takes quite a while for aluminum fences and aluminum pool fences to begin looking dull, but some sections of your fence might be more susceptible than others. Those areas that are constantly getting sprayed with salt from the ocean or whipped with wind can begin to look a bit more worn than others. Areas of the fence that might be near a road that is often salted in the winter can start looking a bit less shiny over time.

One other place to keep an eye on is the interior side of an aluminum pool fence closest to the pool because it is often sprayed with water containing chemicals such as chlorine. Aluminum fences can withstand salt and pool chlorine spray wear and tear, but after years of exposure without being cleaned from time to time, these areas may require a touch-up with a matching spray paint made specifically for aluminum fences.

Scratches and wear and tear are expected with anything that sits outdoors. This is especially true if you live in a location with extreme weather conditions, but don’t let a little wear and tear keep you from enjoying an aluminum fence. The touch-ups and upkeep of other fences such as wooden or chain link fences is far more time-consuming and costly. Being careful near your fence with large objects that can scratch it is recommended, but accidents happen. Thankfully, there is an easy solution for touching up your fence so you can rest easy knowing your fence will continue to do its job for a long time to come.