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Metal Security FencingIf your company’s property needs an extra layer of protection, consider some of the many fencing options that are available.

Safety and security are rightfully among the top concerns of property owners. Depending on your company’s needs, a strong fence with options for extra protection might be in order. First you will need to choose a type of fence to surround your property. There are many different materials to choose from, but one of the longest lasting and most cost-effective options is to get a fence made of aluminum.

Aluminum fencing comes with a special powder coating that helps the fence stay in pristine condition for much longer than wood or chain link fences. Aluminum fencing is also rustproof and weatherproof. Minimal upkeep is required for aluminum fences, which is what make it such an attractive choice, especially for larger properties where upkeep would be time-consuming and costly. Aluminum fencing is also a great choice if you are taking on erecting the fence yourself because it is a reasonably simple DIY project.

Extra-strong aluminum

Once you have made the choice to purchase an aluminum fence, you will need to decide which grade of fence is right for you. There are a few different options for the strength of the fence, such as residential, industrial or commercial. When it comes to protecting a larger building or area, commercial or industrial fencing is usually the best choice. This is because these fences are beefier with larger pickets, larger rails and thicker material than residential fencing and are made with large properties in mind. If you are having trouble deciding between commercial and industrial fencing, a fence specialist will be able to give you advice based on the specific needs of your company.

Added layers of privacy

Now that you have decided between industrial and commercial fencing, it is time to think about options for extra protection and security. One popular option is privacy fence panels, which essentially make a wall straight across the area being fenced in. This is great for areas that you want to keep hidden, such as dumpsters or other unsightly storage. Privacy fence panels are also popularly used as an extra layer of privacy because they make it difficult to see anything on the property from the road or sidewalk.

Another added privacy option for commercial and industrial fencing is expanded metal or mesh. The mesh is for the empty spaces in between the aluminum fence panels. It is a popular choice for gates and entryways in particular. This is because you may want to be able to see what is right behind a gate as you open it. Unlike privacy fence panels, mesh allows a visible sight line but still leaves no room for people or anything to enter through any empty spaces between panels.

When it comes to the gates keeping your property safe and secure, it is also important to find a tough lock. There are plenty of options when it comes to locks, including ones that have self-locking capabilities and added locking mechanisms for extreme security.

Various protective additions to your fence help deter any unfortunate incidents from happening, such as burglaries or unwanted visitors in general. If your property requires extra security, consider these aluminum fencing options to ease your mind.