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You can have locks and alarm systems for your home, but you can also keep your property private and secure from the perimeter.

A front or back yard does not typically hold many valuables that need to be locked away. In fact, if you don’t have a fenced-in yard, it might be normal for neighborhood children to cross through your yard from time to time or for anyone to be able to gain access to your front porch to pay you a visit.

If you aren’t interested in having uninvited people in your yard or on your property, it is time to secure your yard with metal fencing panels. Aluminum fencing panels are a great addition to any secure property, and there are plenty of additions that can help your secure area be even more private.

Give it some height

Metal Security FencingDepending on what type of secure perimeter you desire, you might be interested in raising the usual fence height for your aluminum fence. A higher fence means added security and even a bit more privacy. Planting certain tall shrubbery or vines near your fence can give you that extra bit of privacy you desire. The tallness of the fence and plants help hide what is on the premises from neighboring tall buildings or buildings on higher ground. A tall fence is also a great deterrent for any unsavory characters who are looking to gain unlawful access to your property.

Use the right panels for the job

Metal fencing panels come in many different shapes, sizes and purposes. For example, some people choose to have puppy panels put in to help keep pets safe. These panels have less empty space between them, stopping any pets from escaping the yard and keeping any unwanted animals out. Keeping your pet and children safe is a great added bonus for this type of fencing panel. One of the most popular type for those concerned with privacy is the aptly named privacy panel. These panels have little to no room in between them, providing a very limited or even non-existent view into the yard from the outside. If you live on a busy street with many pedestrians or cars passing by, this type of panel is ideal not only for safety and security but also for privacy. It can also help reduce noise levels from the busy street.

Be aware of what is on show

If you want to add to your privacy and security, try to avoid using any features in your landscape, fencing or entryways that would provide any clues regarding who lives on the site. For example, try to use generic emblems on entry gates and avoid using family initials or names in décor choices. You should also consider what can be seen from the street and sidewalk, including what views people might get inside when your windows are open. Use metal fencing panels or cleverly designed landscaping and plants to cover main viewpoints into your living spaces.

Once you have decided that aluminum fencing is the best choice for your outdoor spaces, there are so many additions, décor and security choices to choose from. Speak with a fencing specialist about your needs when it comes to privacy, safety and security to ensure you have covered all of your bases in keeping a safe and secure home.