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Black Estate Gate with Gold FinialsThere is a lot to consider when planning the entryway to your property, right down to the all-important way you frame your beautiful new driveway gates.

With so many ways to design an entry point to your property, you might know where to start or how in-depth to get. The beauty is that it’s totally up to you how basic or extravagant your driveway gates will be.

Before you plan a design for your entryway, you will want to decide what is the true purpose of the gates and the surrounding area. Are you more concerned about privacy or security, or are you only hoping to have a new, beautiful entry point for visitors to your property?

Once you have decided what you are after, you can choose the correct metal grade for your aluminum driveway gates. Ask a trusted fencing professional for guidance on choosing the most private or secure gate to meet your needs. There are also numerous locks and opening and closing mechanisms to choose from depending on the purpose of your gate.

After choosing the strength and size of your driveway aluminum gates, it’s time to start considering the different ways to frame your gate to match the style of your home and outdoor spaces.

Columns or no columns?

An easy and low-maintenance way to frame your entryway is with brick columns on either side of the driveway opening. Brick and aluminum complement each other well, and this instantly creates a solid and secure look. Use a shade of brick that complements the color of your home. Do not worry about the type of door opening mechanism you have chosen as this can be fit to your brick posts with ease.

Shrubbery or flowers?

A fairly easy way to frame the entrance to your home is with nature. Find tall plants or shrubs to place on either side of the gate. Don’t let them be the only plant life near your fence; add more to balance the yard along different points of the perimeter, perhaps at each post. Use some carefully selected flowers to add some color to the entryway, but don’t overdo it. Save some wow factor for the rest of the yard! Of course, this method of framing aluminum driveway gates takes a bit more upkeep from season to season, but it gives you plenty of ways to change up the look simply by planting something new!

Finials or puppy panels?

To finish the look, you must decide what the top and bottom of the fence should be framed with. How elaborate you go is up to you, but know that you have options. There are pointed finials, rounded finials, basic finials, and the list goes on. Sketch out the different looks to get an idea of what each kind will look like, or take a walk around different neighborhoods and note which type you like the best. On the bottom of the driveway gates, you may need or want puppy panels to keep any pets in and unwanted creatures out.

After making a few key decisions and really understanding what you want out of a driveway gate, you will be well on your way to designing the perfect entry point for your property.