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Aluminum ArborIf you haven’t heard about what a great decor piece an aluminum arbor can be at your entryway, you’ll soon learn everything you need to know!

You might think an aluminum fence is just a simple addition to the perimeter of your yard, demarcating your territory from that of your neighbors. However, your fence can be so much more, and with plenty of character.

Many people choose to decorate around their fence with various flowers and shrubbery, but did you know that the fence itself can have specific decor and design elements? Aluminum fences come in different colors, shapes and sizes. A great addition to an otherwise boring fence is an arbor at one of the entry points. An arbor is a small arched doorway-of-sorts that is made out of the surrounding fencing material. Some arbors are free-standing and not attached to a fence, with the arched entryway being a focal point of a well landscaped garden.

A beautiful sight

When it’s attached to a fence, an arbor can make the entrance to your property very prominent and elegant. The arbor is attached to an aluminum fence panel on either side, and it can have a gate in the middle if you choose. The pickets along the sides and top of the arbor can house some beautiful vines without worry of the plant harming the metal. Adding a natural plant to an aluminum fence panel or arbor brings two worlds together in a unique and beautiful setting.

You can have an aluminum arbor in the same colors as your aluminum fence. It is likely that you will want to match the color of the arbor to the fence, using a shade that complements the home and surrounding area. A popular color choice for arbors is white gloss as it has a similar look to that of a white picket fence. This welcoming, homey feature can brighten any yard and is really simple to install.

Why aluminum?

You might be wondering why you shouldn’t choose wood for an arbor, especially if you are interested in getting that whitewashed wooden fence look. Aluminum is a great choice for your arbor because of the strength and durability of the metal. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions or strong winds, you might be concerned about this affecting such a tall outdoor decor piece.

Thankfully, aluminum is the metal to have when it comes to any natural weather element because it withstands even the most challenging circumstances with very minimal upkeep. The aluminum fence panels and arbors are not too heavy to install yourself, but they are strong enough to stay in place without worry. Only a simple wipe-down or yearly spray-down with a hose is enough to keep the amazing powder coating as good as new.

Adding an arbor to your yard doesn’t necessarily need to occur on the outer perimeter of the property with the fence. Instead, adding an arbor over a significant part of a sidewalk or pathway within your yard can really bring together the home and fence. Having aluminum in another area besides only surrounding the property softens the look of even the most industrial-looking fence, with an arched arbor giving an even softer look. Whatever you choose, an arbor is sure to give dimension and elegance to your yard.