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Black Aluminum FenceIf you have a fence that is in a state of disrepair, it just might be time to consider a new fence altogether instead of fixing it up.

Residential, industrial and commercial aluminum fencing serve a very specific purpose. Once installed, they last for years and years with minimal upkeep, but what happens when you have a wooden or vinyl fence and it is starting to show its age?

Whether your fence was made and installed in the last two, five or ten years does not really matter. If your fence is showing wear and tear, no matter how long it’s been in existence, it’s time to do something about it.

Many first consider repairing their dilapidated, run-down fence instead of replacing it. After all, the costs are surely much lower with repairing, but what about the long run? What is the most ideal situation for you, your family, your fence and your wallet?

Short-term pros and cons

Repairing your fence can seem like the most logical solution. This is especially true if time is a factor and you immediately need a new look for the outdoors. A spray paint job or adding a few extra pickets where old ones have cracked can be quick, easy and cheap. Fixing up these few problem areas can get your fence back to doing what it should do, whether that is keeping the property secure or just being aesthetically pleasing.

Getting the fence fixed up for a quick turnaround will only give you a polished, finished product for a very short time. If parts of the fence were so worn that they needed fixed up, surely more of the fence will be in disrepair soon. This could have you constantly having to undergo repairs on different parts of the fence in a never-ending job that results in nothing more than a spruced-up old fence.

Long-term pros and cons

The only really long-term solution would be to replace the fence once and for all. The main—and only—negative to replacing the fence is the cost. Thankfully, the expense becomes well worth it once you realize what residential or commercial aluminum fencing can do for your property.

Although it might take a bit more time to replace the fence than it would to repair it, the time you spend comes back to you when you choose an aluminum fence. That’s because there is incredibly minimal upkeep needed with this type of fence, and it lasts much longer than other materials. That means you won’t have to wonder any time soon if you should repair or replace your fence.

Added benefits to replacing

Replacing your fence with a brand-new aluminum panel fence is also the perfect solution because this type of fence really doesn’t wear or break down like other types. The only thing that would require you to repair it would be if there was some sort of accident, such as a tree falling down. Best of all, aluminum fences come in pieces or panels that are easy to install. That means you would only need to replace a panel or two should something happen, keeping future costs low.

Whatever you choose for your current situation, just know that at some point you may want to consider the switch to aluminum panel fencing, not just for the stunning look and incredible security, but also for the affordability and long-term success of this type of fence.