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Black Aluminum Fence CostAlthough your fence height is ultimately up to you, there are some factors you might want to consider when purchasing your aluminum fence panels.

With so many decisions to make when designing and setting up the outdoor spaces of your property, some things can be looked over. Many people just assume fences of certain materials come in one standard size that everyone chooses. However, with residential and commercial fencing in aluminum, there is actually some rhyme and reason the size of your fence pickets and height of the fence.

The size of the actual pickets and the empty space between them will be dependent on your fence’s purpose and whether there are pets or small children on the property. The height may also have something to do with these two factors, but there is also a bit more to consider. There are certain laws and rules depending on the type of fence you are erecting, and there are safety and security reasons behind the size of your fence, too.

Rules and regulations

Different governing bodies can have rules and regulations when it comes to a backyard fence. For commercial properties, the rules can be even more specific depending on what is on the property or what type of business you have.

It is important to check with the town or municipality where you live to find out about any height restrictions. Height restrictions can also come from homeowner’s associations when the desired effect is to have a fluid neighborhood with outdoor spaces that blend together.

Safety and security

In addition to restrictions to keep fences from being too tall, rules will also ensure they are tall enough, especially when a swimming pool is on the premises. For the safety of any children in the area, there are very specific rules that ensure a fence is tall enough to keep any tragedies from occurring.

Extra height also means a safer space inside. The higher the fence, the harder it is to climb. This deters any possible intruders from entering your property, keeping your building and those on the premises safe.

If you’re worried about the safety of a tall fence in extreme weather conditions, commercial fencing in aluminum is incredibly strong and can stand up to the toughest wind and storm conditions. Even with a taller fence, wind can go through the pickets. Aluminum is so strong that even if you use privacy panels that allow little to no air to pass through the pickets, the material will still hold up very well.

Landscaping and decor

When it comes to landscaping and décor, you can go completely basic or you can get creative! It depends what your business needs are and what fits with the purpose of the land. In terms of the fence around the perimeter, taller fences do well with tall bushes or shrubs near the posts and entryways. If you choose a basic color to blend in with a building or neighborhood, adding a pop of color here and there with flowers will help add a nice look.

Whether you choose for your fence to be very tall or a bit shorter than the average fence, be sure to check with any rules in your town based on the purposes of your property. Add a bit of pizzazz in the yard, and you’ll have a perfect outdoor space in no time!