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Aluminum Pool FenceRemovable fencing might sound like the perfect solution to any uncertainty about a permanent fence, but there are some drawbacks you’ll want to consider.

A pool is a great addition to any backyard. Summers spent poolside in the comfort of your own backyard are ideal. However, a backyard pool requires a lot of responsibility when it comes to pool safety. The most important item will be the fence surrounding the pool. That is because there are important restrictions and rules pertaining to the fence that must be followed to ensure your family and neighbors are safe.

When deciding how best to fence in your pool, there are plenty of directions to take the project. After checking all of the rules and regulations regarding a pool fence to ensure you have the right height and locks, you could go for the cheapest solution and buy and erect a chain link or wooden fence without giving the matter much more thought.

For some, that seems like it’s too permanent of a solution, so they get the next-best option and purchase a removable-style fence with attachments that allow the fence pieces to attach to each other instead of being cemented into the ground. While there are removable pool fences that can follow the strict rules and regulations for pool safety, there are a few things to consider when going this route.

Decisions, decisions

Removable pool fencing is an attractive option. For people who are planning to move or completely renovate in the next few years, choosing a more permanent option for a DIY pool fence like aluminum panels might be too bold of a choice. A removable, temporary-style pool fence also seems to many to be a safer option as the fence is usually very close to the pool and made specifically for pool safety. It is usually removed or opened during pool use and then put back in place when the pool is not in use.

This removable type of fence is not known for standing up to extreme weather like an aluminum fence can. When putting in the time, money and effort of putting up a fence, you are going to want a finished product that holds up well and has minimal upkeep. You don’t need to worry about an aluminum fence because it is high in quality and lasts a long time.

Is anything really permanent?

The great thing about choosing an aluminum fence for your DIY pool fence project is that it is actually not as permanent as you might think. The fence will stay put for years to come, but you can easily switch out panels and gates if needed. However, the extreme strength and durability of the aluminum material means this is rarely necessary.

A removable pool fence can be a permanent choice if it works best for your family and your pool, but the fence itself will most likely need to be replaced often. The mesh material doesn’t withstand the test of time like aluminum does. It can also prove cumbersome to open and close every time the pool is used.

Knowing that you won’t completely ruin your yard and that you can change things around down the line if you want might be enough of a consolation to help you in your next fence-making decision. Aluminum pool fencing is easy to put up yourself, has minimal upkeep, and will keep everyone safe and happy.