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Rust Free Aluminum Fencing and GatesIf you find yourself with some choices to make on new parts for your driveway gate, there are a few things you can do to get a new and improved gate.

Imagine you have ordered all the parts you need for a new aluminum driveway gate, and they have all arrived. You begin the installation process and quickly realize you are in over your head! Ordering the right parts and understanding the process beforehand will help you know if you have chosen the right pieces for your driveway gate. Similarly, if you have inherited an amazing aluminum fence and gate at the home you just bought, you will want to know how to keep them in top shape and fix any problems that arise. The first thing you will want to do is understand the ins and outs of your gate, including the electronic component, so you can figure out exactly how to improve and upgrade your gate.

New… and improved?

New aluminum driveway gates shouldn’t have any problems that need to be remedied. However, a new gate that you are installing yourself from panels and parts you ordered online needs to be put together the right way for it to work correctly. Missing a screw here or there can actually be detrimental to the gate, even if it isn’t apparent right away. This is when following any instructions exactly as they are written is essential. If there is any doubt during any part of the installation, it’s important to contact the company to check that are you doing everything correctly.

With your new driveway gate, you have most likely had to make the tough choice of exactly what kind of lock and hinge type you want and whether you want some type of motor to make it electric. These items might not necessarily be the standard types that came with the gate, as many aluminum driveway gates have the option of upgrading this type of hardware.

When choosing the locks, hinges and motor parts for your fence, you’ll want to ask the question of whether it is the right fit for your purpose. An industrial or commercial driveway gate might need a more heavy-duty hinge to hold up the heavier material. Choosing this upgrade from the start will help you avoid any future problems that need troubleshooting, such as cracked or misaligned hinges.

When it’s time for an upgrade

Now let’s look at the flip side, where you already have a beautiful aluminum driveway gate but it has not had any TLC for quite some time. Thankfully, the aluminum panels of your fence and driveway are made to last, and the powder coating should keep the material in great shape. The piece you will want to concentrate on when deciding how to improve your fence is the hinge. The hinges on a gate get the most wear and tear. They are built for this, but every hinge will deteriorate eventually. If your gate is in pretty good shape, it might be time to switch out the hinge to a newer, more modern hinge—perhaps one that is attached to a self-closing mechanism.

Whether you are just installing a new aluminum driveway gate or you already have one, knowing a bit about how the gate works will help you when you need to troubleshoot anything that pops up.