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Aluminum Fence With Puppy PicketsIf you might have done something to harm your aluminum fence or gate, don’t worry. Chances are the damage is reversible or easily remedied.

Whether you are just ordering a new fence or you have an established fence with years of wear and tear, there will be those “oops” moments where you worry you have done irreversible damage to it. Thankfully, aluminum is such a strong material that you should be lucky enough to not have a completely ruined fence on your hands.

Oops! I measured all wrong

There is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into getting a new fence. This includes a lot of measuring your yard and property line to ensure you’re getting the right sized panels for your needs. Even with plenty of double-checking, you might still have ordered too many or not enough panels, or even left one side of the yard a little bit short.

There is no need to panic; this is easily remedied. The company that you purchased the panels from will have all of your information on file, including what type and style you ordered, and you can call them up and explain what happened. They will be able to advise how best you can remedy your particular conundrum by either purchasing more panels or adding certain accessories to make up for any shortcomings.

Oops! I scratched my fence

Say a power tool or automobile got too close to your aluminum fencing panels and there now appears to be a scratch in the surface. There’s no need to panic, but this isn’t something you will want to overlook for too long. You see, aluminum oxidizes in a different way than other metals that would traditionally rust to an orange flaky material. When exposed to wet environments, aluminum that isn’t fully covered in a special powder coating will oxidize and grow a thicker layer of metal. Though a thicker, stronger metal sounds like a great idea, it will be quite unsightly for your beautiful fence!

This is when it’s important to touch up your scratched surface with the recommended paint and sealant. Ask the company where you purchased the aluminum fencing panels what product you should use to ensure you touch up the area with the right material.

Oops! My fence is not how I pictured it at all

Perhaps you just received your aluminum fencing panels and you realize that the color you chose is all wrong, or maybe the fence has been erected and you are sorely disappointed with the finials you chose for the top or the accessories on the gate.

It really is never too late to get your fence exactly how you expected. You can order accessories to add to the gate, change the color by re-painting it, and even get extra pickets to add to the bottom to give it a specific look and make it safer and more secure.

Whatever your fencing drama is, there is most likely a solution. If you need help figuring out the best way to get the end result you desire, give your fencing specialist a call. Knowing exactly what you want will help them understand how best to help you. Remember, aluminum is an incredibly strong metal, which means your fence will last quite some time. Therefore it is best to keep your fence in good working order and fix any problems as they arise.