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Commercial Fencing in BlackWith plenty of fencing choices available, school districts have quite a big choice to make when it comes to what is best for the students and the school.

Safety first is a motto used by pretty much everybody. This is especially true for schools, from primary schools and day cares to high schools and colleges. The safety first motto is not only for the pupils, either. It can also refer to the safety and security of the school property itself, including the many buildings and grounds that make up the entire area. To best keep the school property and everyone on it safe and secure, it is important to choose a strong material for the fencing and entry points, such as aluminum.

Aluminum is ready for anything

Choosing fences and driveway gates in aluminum means a strong metal is helping keep unwanted characters out and students safely inside. Aluminum is also an ideal choice due to the very minimal maintenance required. There are no weekly washes or seasonal paint touchups needed for aluminum fences and gates, and the strong metal material can withstand the most extreme weather conditions without turning rusty like other metals. Aluminum fencing can work well in all areas of a school’s property, from surrounding the perimeter of the buildings to the sports fields and even the parking lots. Different options for gates work well all over, from walkway entry points to driveway gates for service trucks and campus visitors.

Natural surveillance

We have all heard of the traditional neighborhood watch, and natural surveillance goes along with this. Imagine a good citizen is driving past a school and notices a suspicious character on the school property way after school is over. They will be able to alert the police to the possibly suspicious behavior. Now imagine there was a concrete wall instead of an aluminum fence surrounding the school. The same good citizen would not notice the unsavory character and therefore would be unable to assist in natural surveillance. This is a major advantage of having fence and driveway gates in aluminum panels, to allow for sight lines from the outside to help with the safety and security of the school.

Having lockable gates for added safety

Entry points to the school property will be necessary in multiple places. Keeping the property secure is easily done with the the big, strong fence panels made of aluminum, but a property is only as strong as its entry gates and doors. Therefore, ensuring you have the highest-quality gates will be of the utmost importance. Thankfully, gates come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate whatever your needs may be. Additionally, you can have various types of lockable options and different ways for people to gain entry to the property to ensure the right people are coming in.

Keeping people safe on school property is a top priority, but it does not mean that the property has to look like a prison. Aluminum fences and gates have a classic look that can complement buildings and surrounding areas to give a cohesive look to the school. You can even customize the fence and gates with colors and inlays to match school colors, making the property not only safe, but fashionable, too!