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Swimming Pool FencePool fences are put up for safety and security, but there are some extra reasons you might want to consider choosing aluminum for your next pool fence.

Having a pool means having extra responsibility, not only for you and your family but also for the general population in your immediate area. This is because accidents can happen in the blink of an eye in and around a pool.

When you first get a pool, you will be busy ensuring the pool and the water in it is safe. The responsibility doesn’t stop there, however. Most towns and municipalities have very important rules and regulations regarding fences around pools, whether they are public or private. Once you have checked that you are following all of these rules for a safe fence, you can begin to see the added benefits of having a pool fence.

Pet safety

You won’t have to worry about your pets every time they are in the yard if you have an aluminum pool fence. The pickets for the fence will be at a specific distance from each other to ensure the safety of even your smallest, furry family members. This means your pets won’t mistakenly run under a fence and end up in the danger zone poolside. If your pets are small, be sure the pickets are the correct size to keep them safe.

Personalized decor

Choosing an aluminum fence for your pool means you have free reign over what it looks like aesthetically. You can have your pool fence match your home’s fence, with a classic black aluminum fence throughout the property. If you would rather showcase the pool area, such as at a commercial property or an apartment building, you can change the color and style to really make it pop. Added style and color can also help denote a pool area for safety reasons so people are aware when they are near a pool.

Resale value

You might already be well aware of the great value having a pool adds to your home. Adding a fence to the perimeter that is made of a high-quality material like aluminum can really make a difference to that value. This is because an aluminum pool fence is easily maintained and lasts for years. Buyers can easily see the value in that.

Little effort needed

Speaking of the maintenance needed, there really isn’t much you will need to do to keep your fence in top shape. Once a season, go over your pool fence with a little water and mild soap to help keep the powder coating in good condition. Check the fence pieces for any scratches to this important coating, and do some touch-ups as needed.

Thankfully, aluminum can withstand some really extreme temperatures and other elements that are thrown at it, such as salty ocean air or chlorine-filled splashes. This makes aluminum a top pick for fences around pool areas. Add to this the benefits of keeping children, neighbors and pets safe, and it’s no wonder aluminum is such a popular fencing choice. Whether you choose a standard black aluminum fence for your pool or one with a few extra added safety measures, you are doing everyone in the neighborhood a favor by ensuring you are keeping your pool secure and safe.