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Terrible accidents and emergencies can occur in and around a swimming pool, so it is important to do all you can as a property owner with a pool.

Large Commercial Pool Fence

The spring and summer seasons bring plenty of pool parties and get-togethers. For those property owners who have public or private pools, this means a lot of responsibility when it comes to pool safety and security. Having a pool of any depth means there is plenty to consider when planning the pool’s location on your property and the fence that surrounds it.

Fences surrounding pools have a lot of requirements to plan for in terms of keeping children and adults safe from harm. Although a pool fence must have specific considerations, you do have some say over how to erect it and what it can look like. In fact, you can still take on the project of a new fence as a pool fence DIY home improvement job. By purchasing aluminum fencing panels and gates online, you have the option of installing it all yourself with the help of easy-to-understand installation instructions and tips.

BOCA Pool Fence Requirements

BOCA national codes for building and pool safety are followed by many municipalities all over the United States. It is also important to check with your municipality or homeowners association for any further rules, regulations or laws pertaining to your specific property as some property types may have added regulations that need to be in place to stay up to code.

There are quite a few important regulations put forward by BOCA with which all pool fences must comply. In many towns, these rules apply to all pool types, whether it is a single-family household or a larger commercial building. Most of the proposed requirements to keep in mind when planning a pool fence DIY project relate to the size of the fence and the lock on the entry points.

The height of a pool fence should be a minimum of 48 inches. Most fencing panels should hit this requirement as it is a standard size, especially for pools. The space between pickets can be no more than four inches, mainly for the safety of small children in the area. Similarly, the space between the bottom of the fence and the ground cannot be more than four inches. When it comes to the entry gates, they must be self-locking and self-closing. These are some of the most important minimum requirements mentioned by BOCA. It is important to be fully aware of all of the safety regulations and adhere to them.

Stylish safety

With the rules and regulations aside, it is now time to consider what type of look you want for your fence while still respecting the parameters of safety and security. Thankfully, the rules for pool fence safety mostly cover the height and size of the panels and pickets. This can always be taken into consideration with different styles. For example, if you hope to have a specific color of fence or a special spear or finial at the top of the fencing panel, this can still be done while adhering to the height requirements.

Keeping in style also means having the classic and elegant look that comes with aluminum fencing. Aluminum not only stays rust-free thanks to a special powder coating, but it looks good while remaining in excellent condition for years to come.