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Certain fencing materials will need to be repaired and replaced year after year. Aluminum fencing lasts a lot longer thanks to its strong, reliable metal.

Green Aluminum Fence

It is said that time heals all wounds, but that isn’t true for many fencing materials. From wooden to chain link to even wrought iron, time can be detrimental to many fences. Aluminum fencing, however, does not age as poorly as these other materials. Aluminum can withstand whatever time throws its way, from adverse weather season after season to the general wear and tear that would usually come with age.

Why is Aluminum so Durable?

You may think of aluminum cans when you think of this metal and wonder how a residential, commercial or industrial fence could really be so durable when it’s made of something as easily crushed as a can. Looking at it another way, however, you’ll realize that this metal is so versatile and strong that it can hold liquids such as soft drinks without rusting, and in large quantities, it can also be made into a strong, resilient fence.

Aluminum fences are made of thick panels and posts that will not bend or break. Aluminum does not rust the way wrought iron or other metals would. Instead, it oxidizes in a different way that actually makes the metal itself stronger. Your fence won’t even get to the oxidizing state thanks to a very strong powder coating that keeps the metal safe from anything that could harm it over time.

Bronze Aluminum Fence

Keeping the Fence Safe over Time

The special powder coating put on all parts of an aluminum fence allows it to last for years to come. If any water from pools, oceans, or rain hits the fence, it will be safe from oxidizing thanks to this protective layer. Likewise, if any salt from icy roads or salty air from the sea comes into contact with the fencing, the powder coating will help keep the metal in its proper state.

To ensure the powder coating and aluminum can keep the fence in top shape, it is important for the fence owner to do a bit of spot checking every now and then. Between particularly harsh seasons, wash down the fence with mild soap and water. Check both sides of the fence for any signs of damage, such as dents from large machinery running into it or scratches to the powder coating. Any damage of this type can be remedied right away with a simple touch-up of the correct paint; the fencing manufacturer can usually offer suggestions.

Residential Arbor

Comparing Apples to Oranges

The old saying about comparing apples to oranges definitely applies when comparing aluminum fence panels with wood or chain link varieties. When it comes to repairs and parts needed, there really is no comparison. Aluminum fencing does not warp or rot the way wood does, nor does it bend out of shape the way chain link fencing does.

For a reasonable price, aluminum fencing panels can give you the longevity you hope to get in such a purchase, and you can even put up the fence yourself thanks to the easy-to-install panels. You get all of this plus the peace of mind that you have chosen a reliable and strong fencing material.