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Trash receptacles and recycling bins can be unsightly. With the right fencing, you can keep these safely hidden away to keep up appearances.

Whether you call it trash or garbage, we can all agree that it is usually not something you want others to see when they visit your property. Many residential properties have an outdoor area where a few garbage bins are kept together and then brought out to the roadside once a week for garbage collection. Many will also have special bins for recycling as well, making the area even larger for these unsightly bins. Aluminum fencing can help keep these areas hidden – or at least safe from wild animals and natural elements.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

An aluminum fence can be purchased in panel form. Aluminum fencing panels can be ordered online easily, with many options for size and style to match a property’s needs. In many cases, these panels consist of pickets that are a few inches apart from each other, all attached together by two or more horizontal bars. The panels are then connected to posts that are stuck safely in the ground, keeping the fence sturdy and strong.

Aluminum fencing pickets don’t necessarily have to have a few inches of empty space between them. There are options that allow less of a sight line into the property, which is ideal for areas that you would prefer outsiders cannot see, such as garbage and recycling bins. Privacy panels stop anyone from being able to see into an area and can be added to just a small portion of the fence. You can surround the area with privacy panels while musing regular pickets for the rest of the aluminum fence panels. This creates a good separation and a clearly demarcated area.

Commercial Properties

Using privacy panels to hide a less-than-desirable area isn’t just for residential homes. This fencing tactic is quite popular in commercial buildings such as apartment complexes as well as properties with storefronts and restaurants. Any space with a parking lot will understand the importance of a safe and secure fence around the commercial property. It would be hard to find a commercial property that didn’t have a space where large dumpsters or recycling bins were kept. These can be quite unattractive and can turn a potential customer away if left in plain sight. Privacy panels keep this area hidden, while the rest of the fence can have that classic aluminum fencing panel look.

Mixing and matching panel types works well with a fence that is entirely aluminum. Keeping this strong material throughout the fence means the property owner doesn’t have to worry about upkeep because aluminum stays stronger for longer. With a special coating on the aluminum to keep moisture away from the metal, aluminum fencing will not rust or corrode. The overall look of a fence made of aluminum stays the same because the paint is kept protected. This means that even the area of the property that would usually be unsightly with trash cans will look as good as new for years to come.

It’s hard to discuss garbage areas without bringing up the expected wear and tear that would most likely happen with an area that is used so often, especially in commercial properties. Aluminum fencing is built with this in mind, with the strong metal staying in top shape even with daily use. Hiding your trash away with the help of an aluminum fence is a great and affordable solution.

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