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Aluminum can take on any other fencing material and come out on top thanks to the strength of the metal, the reasonable cost and the minimal upkeep it requires.

Aluminum fencing can handle anything that is thrown its way. An aluminum fence or aluminum driveway gate can withstand intense weather conditions, plenty of daily use and people trying to enter without being invited. Aluminum fencing can even handle being neglected thanks to its powder-coated finishing. The coating stops moisture, dirt and debris from harming the metal, which means fence and gate owners don’t have to worry too much about upkeep beyond giving the fence and gate a good washing from time to time.

Aluminum Fence In Snow

Aluminum Versus Subpar Materials

There are plenty of fence and gate materials to choose from, but many materials have disadvantages. For example, using wood might give a desirable look, but the material can rot quite quickly in some climates and isn’t necessarily the strongest choice. Chain link fencing is unsightly and creates a less secure area. Aluminum wins in all of the important categories.

Large Industrial Fence

Aluminum Versus Weather

An aluminum fence or aluminum driveway gate is built to last. It can survive high winds, heavy rains, salty ocean air, snow, hail, and freezing temperatures. What a metal! There are different grades of aluminum fencing and gates that correlate to the strength your property needs. The strongest option is industrial. Industrial aluminum fencing is thicker than commercial and residential, making the panels and posts heavier and more indestructible. Some choose this option strictly for security reasons.

Aluminum Versus Unsavory Characters

Naturally, security is on everyone’s minds when choosing a fencing material. Security and safety go hand in hand, with each playing a big part in choosing how to secure the perimeter of a property. Aluminum fencing is strong and durable against anything that may try to push over a fence or gate. Moreover, there aren’t easy foot holes like you would find in chain link fences for unsavory characters to climb up and over. If privacy is something you are worried about for either the buildings on the property or those living and working there, keep in mind the different additions to the fence and gate you can make. For example, you can use privacy panels that block the view to outsiders or create panels with less room between pickets and use tall panels.

Scaled Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Versus Nothing

Take a moment to imagine having a driveway or entrance to your property without having any kind of gate there at all. It would similar to having a home with no front door! The driveway gate is about so much more than just the look of the home; it also has an incredibly functional purpose.

With aluminum gates, you have a clear entrance for outsiders. If the gate is closed, it means you should only enter if given permission from the property owner. Using special locks and electronic entry systems helps ensure that only those who should have access can get inside. Without a gate. this would not be possible!

When choosing a material for fencing and gates, it’s clear that aluminum comes out ahead. Aluminum is hard to penetrate, stands up to daily use and extreme weather, and is a cost-effective way to have a beautiful, secure entrance to your property.