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The pool area of your property can be brought to life with a little planning and some classic design tips while still remaining safe and secure.

Does your property have a pool or maybe even a jacuzzi and you’re hoping to make the area look a little more inviting? There are some easy ways to brighten up this outdoor area with some extra landscaping and a new fence.

Large Pool Fencing

Before you even consider bringing some extra life to your outdoor area, you will want to ensure the area is safe and secure. This is especially important for the safety of any children living on the premises or in the neighborhood in general. Accidents can occur if the proper safety measures aren’t taken. In fact, there are special rules and regulations in most municipalities for pool owners governing how tall the pool fence can be. Many homeowners choose to do a pool fence DIY home improvement job, so it’s important to carry out your own research to ensure you are within regulations.

Fencing Options

The type of pool fence DIY project you carry out will depend on the type of property you have. For a family home, you will most likely be looking at a residential fence. For a commercial property such as a hotel or apartment complex, you will be looking at commercial fencing options. A fantastic choice for both of these property types is aluminum. Aluminum fencing is perfect for pool fences thanks to the durability of the metal. Thanks to a special powder coating, the aluminum won’t rust after being regularly splashed by pool water. The strong metal can also withstand harsh weather conditions.

Aluminum Fence In Snow

Added Features

Once the safety aspect is taken care of, it is time to concentrate on what type of style and design you would like for your pool area. Are you looking for classic and elegant or vibrant and unique? Choosing aluminum for a pool fence opens you up to so many options, no matter the design you’re after. You can choose colors to complement the buildings on the property, get special tops for the pickets to add some charm, or even order customized inlays to add some personalization.

Large Commercial Pool Fence


A pool area is easily brought to life with the help of Mother Nature. Adding shrubbery, plants, flowers or even trees around the area can really create a beautiful space. Whether you are hoping to create a jungle area with lots of plant life or a zen oasis with tranquil, minimalistic plants, you can really take things up a notch with landscaping. Start out small and build up with plant life do you don’t overdo it. Keep in mind the upkeep of the plants and how they will fare year-round.

Final Touches

One upkeep matter you don’t need to worry about is the upkeep of the aluminum pool fence. The fence will only need to be washed from season to season, and the powder coating needs to be checked to make sure there are no scratches. After choosing an aluminum fence and landscaping, the final touches can be made with furniture and outdoor decor. This helps you personalize the space so it suits your tastes.

Aluminum is the perfect choice for pool fence DIY because of safety, security and aesthetics. With proper locking mechanisms and strong, well-designed panels, aluminum fencing keeps everyone around safe and sound.