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Any fence will get dirty over the course of weeks and months, especially an industrial fence. Get some tips on keeping your fence in top shape!

If you already have an aluminum fence for your commercial or industrial property, you know the great advantages and minimal upkeep needed for this long-lasting fencing material. Commercial and industrial metal fencing is made stronger and thicker than a regular residential fence. This is because these types of properties are usually larger, with multiple buildings on the premises. Property owners are often rightfully concerned about safety and security for their businesses. Aluminum fencing gives peace of mind to property owners, and it comes at a reasonable cost and minimal effort.

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Getting Dirty

Aluminum fencing gets dirty just like any other fencing material, whether it’s dirt from the landscaping nearby, sand and grit from the earth, a thick layer of dust from any industrial machinery around, and even grass clippings stuck to the bottom part of the fence panels. There are plenty of ways industrial metal fencing will become unclean.

Thankfully, cleaning a fence isn’t too time-consuming. You also don’t need to purchase any special chemicals or cleaning products to keep your fence looking good month after month. The cleaning process should take place at least every season. You may need to do a little in-between cleaning if you live in an area with particularly harsh weather or near buildings or machinery that let out a lot of dirt or soot.

It is first important to give the fence a general rinse. This removes larger debris, such as grass clippings and built-up dirt. A power washer should be fine to use as well and may help with the grimier parts. Once the fence is rinsed off, you can go through with a sponge or cleaning rag to wash off each panel and post. You only need to use mild soap and water for this. While cleaning the pickets, you will want to keep an eye out for any scratches in the powder coating of the fence. If you notice any dents, scratches or damage to the outer layer of the fence, don’t panic. These can be fixed easily with a little touching up.

Cleanliness Advantages

Checking on the integrity of the fence a few times per year can greatly benefit a fence owner. Touching up any dents will help ensure the fence stays in good shape for years to come. A simple cleaning keeps the metal in good condition while protecting your investment.

Many metals are known for rusting when exposed to water or moisture. Aluminum does indeed oxidize as well, but not in the way you imagine rust usually looking. There is no orange flaming, and the metal is not weakened. Oxidizing aluminum actually creates a white powder-like effect and then hardens to form an uneven extra layer. As intriguing as this is, you won’t see this on your aluminum industrial metal fencing because the specialized coating stops this from happening.

Imagine having a fence that you don’t have to worry about every week or even month – one that won’t rust or fall apart after only a year. Imagine having a fence that will stay shiny and beautiful with just a quick and easy cleaning. That’s what you will have with your beautifully strong aluminum fence.

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