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You can stop dreaming of having a beautifully manicured yard with a matching fence, gate and arbor because you can have it all – and more!

We all have ideas about how our perfect home and yard should look. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a white picket fence with a swinging gate welcoming each guest to your home, or maybe you’ve seen the matching arbors for these types of fences and thought they’d look amazing on your land. This dream can be reality thanks to aluminum fencing.

Large Deluxe Arbor

Understanding the Dream

The dream of the white picket fence began many years ago, when people just hoped for a stable job, life and income. Having a home with a fenced-in yard meant all of this had come true for you and your family. Having a white picket fence means cleaning will be needed, and if you have time to clean your fence, your life must be going pretty well, right?

Okay, so that part of the dream is up for interpretation, but it’s true that anything in the outdoors that is white in color could get dirtier quicker. Plus, the ideal of the white picket fence has historically referred to a wooden picket fence, and after researching so many different fence materials, you’ve likely concluded that a wooden fence isn’t the best value for money. The upkeep alone can be costly, time-consuming and far too frequent.

It’s important to understand that the white picket fence dream isn’t necessarily about the fence type, material or style itself, but more about making the decision to have a permanent fixture on the property you own that benefits you and your family.

Commercial Drive Gate

It’s All in the Material

You can have the white picket fence dream come true for your home without the added stressors of having a dirty, hard-to-maintain material like wood. Aluminum panel fencing comes in a plethora of colors, styles and designs for any homeowner’s dream fence. Aluminum panels have vertical pickets with varying amounts of space between each one. The empty space, the color of the pickets and the thickness of the metal are all customizable to match your likes and dislikes.

Choosing aluminum panel fencing also means you have the added protection of its powder coating. Aluminum fences come with this specialized coating that protects the strong metal from outside forces, especially moisture. Aluminum doesn’t rust like some other metals, and it also doesn’t rot. However, it is still susceptible to oxidation when it comes in contact with water and moisture. The powder coating stops this from being an issue and keeps the aluminum panels and posts in excellent condition for many years.

To keep the aluminum material in great shape for your dream fence, you only need to partake in some upkeep from time to time. There is nothing too time-consuming or cumbersome required for upkeep. You simply need wash the fence and all its parts when the seasons change with a quick wipe-down using mild soap and water. You can take this time to check that the powder coating is still intact and hasn’t been damaged by outside forces, like your neighbor’s wayward lawnmower bumping into your fence. Any scratches or dents can be easily fixed.

The dream of a beautiful white picket fence can be yours for a great price with a beautiful and long-lasting result. Sturdy aluminum fencing comes in white and many other colors and designs to ensure your dream can become a reality!

Large Bronze Fence with Finials